Review: Scooby-Doo and KISS Rock and Roll Mystery

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scooby doo


If there was one thing we thought we’d never witness in the film world, it was a collaboration between the mystery-solving cartoon gang Scooby-Doo and rockers KISS. And even though we didn’t expect or anticipate it, it doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it.

Scooby-Doo! And KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery takes place in KISS World, a theme park revolving around all things KISS. It features the usual gang along with The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman and The Catman who have to team together to figure out who the Crimson Witch is and how to get rid of her. All they know so far is that the Crimson Witch has been scaring away customers and if they’re unable to defeat her, KISS World risks closing for good!

With both KISS and Scooby-Doo fans in our house, we weren’t sure whether each would do the other justice but the film made for some interesting viewing. There was a perfect mix of humour and fear along with the mystery that keeps you guessing throughout the entire movie. As well as the well-written plot there was the addition of several KISS songs throughout which will get anyone dancing whether they’re a fan or not.

The film is obviously aimed at kids but there are parts that anyone will find enjoyable, whether they’re a child or an adult. There are a few witty remarks that will have you laughing to yourself while the plot twists will keep you wondering. It’s a great movie to watch all year round but with Halloween just around the corner it will help to get everyone in the spooky mood.

If you’re a fan of either Scooby-Doo or KISS, Scooby-Doo! And KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery is a must-see. You can buy the film from Amazon here.



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