Christmas Is Coming – It’s Decluttering Time!

Untidy cluttered woman wardrobe with clothes and accessories.


Untidy cluttered woman wardrobe with clothes and accessories.


Well, it’s far too early to talk about Christmas – but needs must. It’s around this time of year that the panic sets in, and the obsessive in me takes control. The house needs tidying. And I won’t be happy until I have achieved Ultimate Clean. Christmas just isn’t the same unless you are well prepared for it, and with all the extra stuff that comes with it, it’s time to have a clear up. If you’re in a similar position – why not join me on my great declutter of 2015?


There are a few simple reasons why I want to have a top down clean before Christmas. Firstly, it’s so that I can enjoy it. We’ll all have enough on our plates as it is, so the earlier it gets done, the better. Secondly, it’s a time for many visitors to pop round. While I’m not a complete obsessive when it comes to cleaning, I am scared, if I’m honest, to open the door if the house looks messy. And, finally, it’s a chance to clean out some dead wood, and to give me some tips on what to get the kids for Christmas. Let’s kick off with the kids’ rooms.


Children’s rooms

This is the biggest job of all. And, I’m going in without mercy this year. Any old toys are out to make way for some new ones. If they are beyond repair, they can be recycled. If they are OK, they can go to a charity shop. I’m going to try and get the kids involved with choosing that toys to say goodbye to this year. Apparently, Santa Claus needs them to choose which toys to get rid of so he can bring them some new ones! It shouldn’t take too long, and then it’s making a mountain of clothes and going through them all. Kids grow at such a speed that most of the wardrobes and drawers are full of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. I recommend passing them on to family or friends as hand-me-downs, or, again, popping them in a bag for the charity shop.


Adult rooms

I’m not sure that we’ll have guests this year but Ben and Steph should be home for a few days over Christmas. We don’t have a spare room, unfortunately, but if you do you’ll probably find that it’s often the place that ends up with a lot of the year’s junk in it, so I’ll be making lots of plans for that. We have loft space – but if you don’t, you could always put them into storage. Space Maker does short-term storage solutions (which are ideal for decorating, too, by the way). So see if there is something similar near you. I’ll also be tackling the sofa bed and making it more presentable.


The kitchen

This is going to be tough – but then, around Christmas, it always is. I always find that a good plan helps create the space that you need in the kitchen, without wasting anything. A friend of mine does a meal plan every year to empty out the freezer before the big Christmas shop – which we might do if we get around to it! It also gives you the chance to defrost, which is something else we don’t need to do thanks to our particular type of fridge. I’ll also be finding space to put all the extra crockery and glasses we’ll be using – and it’s a good opportunity to throw out any broken equipment.

Wish us luck- it’s going to be a long few weeks, no doubt! But if it makes Christmas that little bit more enjoyable, surely it will be worth it?





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2 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming – It’s Decluttering Time!

  1. I’m glad Im not the only one that is scared to open the door if my house is messy!! I really need to do this to my house, a clear out of the kids play room and cupboard is now my next thing to do :)

  2. One of the best parts of the run up to Christmas is being able to do a big declutter – even the other half can be persuaded to part with the worn out clothes, holey socks, etc by the promise of new ones on the horizon! :)

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