How to tackle limescale in your home

Washing machine and damaged electric heater


Washing machine and damaged electric heater


Limescale is an enemy of every common household capable of effecting every object which comes into contact with hard water.

Limescale is essentially chalky calcium deposits left behind following the evaporation of hard water. These can often effect your kettle, coffee machine and washing machine.

Although these deposits are often only visible in commonly used areas of our kitchen – such as kettles, coffee and washing machines – this is often a more widespread problem with numerous associated dangers.

As limescale deposits are calcium based they can easily be dissolved with a mild acid such as lemon juice. There are many other effective methods to tackle limescale and numerous ways to prevent build up in your home.



Just like most of the stains in your house, limescale can be removed from your taps, showers and other appliances using branded cleaning solutions. These products contain mild acids which effectively dissolve problematic deposits.

These products are safe to be used in areas which do not come in contact with your food. However, avoid using these artificial chemicals on anything that may come in contact with consumables. Do not use these chemicals for cleaning your kettle or coffee machine for instance.


Natural Solutions

Natural solutions can remove limescale as powerfully as branded products and due to their acidic characteristics, lemon juice and vinegar are safe alternative solutions for this.

Using natural products can prevent allergies whilst providing a safe solution for cleaning appliances and surfaces which may come in contact with food later on.


Preventing Limescale

Preventative methods may need to be employed for places where cleaning is not an option. Boilers, hot water and central heating pipes can often become affected by limescale. These problematic areas are commonly overlooked until issues begin to arise.

Finding products to adequately clean your pipes, boilers or water tanks without removing them can be challenging. Limescale build up in these areas can cause regular breakdowns and slow down water flow leading in increased heating and hot water bills.

Advancements in technology have provided effective ways to prevent limescale build up and improve home efficiency. Water filters like Combimate eliminate calcium deposits from your water before it reaches your heating pipes.


Ultimately, almost everybody will face unwanted limescale problems in their home. According to the Drinking Water Inspectorate 60 percent of households in Britain alone are affected.

Although we may not be able to discontinue the use of hard water in our homes, limescale may be effectively managed and dealt with by preventing its gradual build up in our homes.






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  1. We’ve recently moved to a hard water area from a soft water area and I can’t believe how quickly the kettle has got full of limescale, have already boiled it with vinegar twice to get rid of it. Next on the list is the dishwasher and washing machine, think I get a branded cleaner for these though.

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