8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

chocolates and  flowers


chocolates and  flowers



Foodie gifts are the ideal Christmas present for food fans. Discerning palates will be impressed by hand-crafted chocolates. Or a hamper filled with delicious goodies will go down a treat.

Encourage your family members to indulge their passion this Christmas.



Who doesn’t love chocolate? The classic box of chocolates is a welcome gift. How about being a bit more decadent? Hand-crafted chocolates are extra special for a loved one. Liqueur chocolates add pizzazz while truffle creations are a veritable sweet treat. Chocolatiers often inscribe chocolate casings with personalised inscriptions. This makes a unique gift for saccharine fans.



Gift hampers are a fine choice for a foodie. Crammed full of delicious goodies, hampers are designed to impress. Sweet or savoury hampers are available. So choose the tastes your receiver favours the most. A richly decadent cheese hamper. Or a basket filled with delicious pickles and jams. Arrange a hamper delivery this Christmas and your loved one will love you right back!


Fans of food enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Every year we see bestselling cookbooks hitting the bookshops. Baking for beginners. Advanced level teachings. The art of patisserie. How to bake bread. Cooking for children. Organic recipes. The titles are many and varied. Be inspired by a celebrity chef. Or take a chance on a new face on the scene.


Cookery Course

Move on from cookbooks to the real deal. There are lots of cookery courses across the country. From in-depth courses of instruction to one-day workshops. Students learn the skills required to perfect their craft. Paying for a session, or series of lessons is a thoughtful gift for a foodie. And one they are sure to enjoy.


Top Restaurant

Treat a loved one to a slap-up meal at a top Michelin Star restaurant. Dotted around the country, these are the creme de la creme of the food world. Where precision is everything. Service, presentation and ambience. And the food is second to none. Delicious dishes prepared, cooked and executed by the hottest culinary talent in town.


Cooking Equipment

An amateur chef is assisted by a wide range of specialist culinary tools. Gadgets and equipment range from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Choose according to your budget. And their skill level. There is no point buying a convoluted piece they can’t operate!  A simple utensil can make all the difference to the finished result.



Provide your foodie fan with a stunning set of tableware. China and glass are the ideal showcases for amateur bakers. A delicate bone china service to accompany a freshly made cake. A sturdy tajine for a Moroccan-inspired dish. Or a set of metal serving bowls for a homemade curry. Matching tea and dining service sets are a lovely, timeless gift.



Oven gloves, tea towels and aprons. These may not be the sexiest of gifts. However, they are practical additions to any home kitchen. Matching accessories are visually appealing. Quirky slogans on aprons are fun and novel. And they are inexpensive gifts for those on a budget.


Bring joy to a food fan this year with a gift they will cherish.




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