5 Tips for First-Time House Buyers

Real estate agent for sale sign


Real estate agent for sale sign


Buying a house is a big deal and a small mistake can ruin everything for you. This is a milestone in your life, a beginning of a new chapter so it is important to think very carefully and as wisely as possible. Here are some tips to help first-time house buyers out there.


  1. Ask yourself ‘should I buy’

The very first thing that you should do is to ask yourself if you really need to buy a house at this point of your life. For example, you see posts of house for sale in Springwood, yes, it is beautiful, you love it but do you really need to? The inevitable next question is ‘can you afford it’?

House buyers should concentrate on whether buying is affordable and whether it is the right decision in the long term rather than making a decision based on impulse. Some people act based on panic over house prices continuously rising. Think carefully, and honestly answer the question – if you should, and if you can afford to buy a house.


  1. Decide how are you going to pay

If you decided that it is indeed the time to go ‘house shopping’ then the next question is how are you going to pay? Are you going to drain out your savings to buy a house for your family? Are you going to get a mortgage? Will you ask your parents to sponsor you? Whatever your answer is, you must be clear about it from the very beginning. This way, you will be able to plan your budget well. You do not want to find yourself too broke to even organize a house warming party for all your friends. Yes, buying a house makes you feel accomplished and proud, but you should also think about your future – especially in a financial point of view.


  1. Find a reasonable, efficient and practical location

The important next step is to look for an efficient and practical location. This is one of the most vital factors when buying a house. Is it near your office place? Is there a good school nearby where your kids can go to? Is it in a safe and nice neighborhood? All of those, you should take into consideration before you buy the house. You can check out Lend Lease website to see beautiful houses in ideal neighborhoods.


  1. View houses at different times of day

You check out different houses and you found one you really like – don’t buy it just yet. View the place three times at different times of day to get an idea how the place and neighborhood looks like at these different hours.

Daylight may easily hide the flaws in the neighborhood so in visiting during night, you can discover how the neighborhood is like when people from work are already home.


  1. Consider resale potential

You have to be practical too and consider the resale potential of the house you are planning to buy. If it has been in the market for a while now, you can maybe ask yourself why. Maybe other buyers see flaws that make them to look the other way.  and with this, you need to check carefully.


Buying your first house is indeed exciting but more than excitement, it is an important decision you will make so you must be 100% sure that you are ready and that you are doing the right decision.





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