8 Tips for Getting a Great Night’s Sleep While Travelling

Inflatable Neck Pillow, Sleeping mask and earplugs

Inflatable Neck Pillow, Sleeping mask and earplugs



Travelling to unfamiliar places is definitely exciting but it can also take its toll on your sleep patterns. Weshare some of our top tips on getting a great night’s sleep wherever you are:


Dress in layers

Getting comfortable is the key to decent sleep and feeling too hot or too cold can prevent you from nodding off. Dressing in a few thinner layers will allow you to add or remove them as you wish. If you’re travelling by plane keep a jacket or blanket in your hand luggage that you can easily cover yourself up with, keeping you snug as you fly.


Stretch out

Some flights offer seats with extra legroom so if you’re particularly tall or just want room to stretch out and relax, it’s worth booking one of these. Okay, so you’ll have to pay extra, but if you’re travelling for several hours you’ll be glad you did.


Sit by the window

Another tip when flying is to sit by the window for minimum disturbance from other passengers.


Block out the noise…

Noisy hotel rooms and busy flights can be better dealt with by blocking out the noise with a set of ear plugs. They’ll also help with the air pressure on take-off and landing when flying too.


…and the light

Jet lag can leave you needing to re-set your body clock at odd times. Daytime naps can become more restful with the help of an sleep mask to block out the light.


Download a white noise app

Seriously. Having some background white noise playing can result in better sleep for everyone and is especially useful if you’re travelling with kids!


Ask for a quiet room

When booking your hotel specifically request for a room located at a quieter part of the building – on a higher floor and away from lifts is best. If your hotel is on a main road ask for a room at the back rather than facing the road itself if possible.


Make sure you won’t be disturbed

Hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door, switch off your mobile phone and tell anyone you are travelling with that you don’t want to be bothered. Make it clear that you don’t want to be disturbed, get comfy and relax.


Want some more tips to help you sleep better when travelling? Bedguru have come up with some more ideas as part of their #sleepanywhere campaign in this handy infographic. For more tips and tricks or to share your own be sure to follow the #sleepanywhere hashtag on Twitter and Facebook too!






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