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Summer has gone and it won’t be long before Christmas is here again, bringing with it the mad rush to buy presents for the big day. We make it a habit to collect bargain bits and pieces throughout the year if we come across any but with less than ninety days to go, we’re still looking. Here we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite gift ideas for toddlers to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier.

BRIO toys

BRIO are a brand who are well-known thanks to their durable wooden toys for young children. Each of their toys has been carefully thought out, and they only sell items they believe will help with children’s development. We have always loved BRIO toys and find them great for play. Whether it’s a race car or a push along turtle, we always have someone willing to play with them. And because they’re made out of wood they look old-timey and classic, making a great change from all our plastic toys. Visit Active Toy to find your favourite BRIO toy for your young one.


Traditional, durable, colourful fun with Brio
Traditional, durable, colourful fun with Brio


Arshiner Drum Kit:

Drum kits for kids: you’ll either love them or hate them. There are benefits (educational, fun, may inspire children to learn an instrument properly, allows children to express themselves) and drawbacks (noisy. Very noisy.), but when it comes to the Arshiner Kids Drum Set (RRP: £19.35) we have to say there are more positives than negatives. Children need to be able to express themselves and show creativity whether that’s through arts and crafts, science experiments or music. The flashing lights, tunes and colours on this set will help children to grow and develop – who knows, you may have the next Ringo Starr on your hands. But remember, if the noise gets to be too much you can always take out the batteries!



Drum kits for kids. Always a good gift to give to the kids of parents you don’t really like.




OXELO B1 Scooter:

Active play also plays a significant part in a toddler’s life. They’re constantly running, climbing, jumping and just moving in general. One thing we absolutely love is this OXELO B1 Kids Scooter that is suitable for children between the ages of two and four. With three (nearly four) kids in this age bracket, we know it will get a lot of use and will likely be the first thing pulled out of the shed on dry days. It has three wheels as opposed to the usual two-wheel design which makes it perfect for teaching unsteady toddlers balance. To make it personal you can even customise it and choose between 5 different colours! It’s perfect if you like to switch things up every once in a while, and even better if you want to revamp it to pass down to a younger sibling! Buy one from the DECATHALON website here (RRP: £22.99).


Help their balancing skills with the Oxelo B1 Scooter
Help their balancing skills with the Oxelo B1 Scooter



It’s getting chillier and chillier each night and so it’s important that children stay warm. We’re a fan of sleeping bags for young ones and we love Slumbersacs. Each design is absolutely adorable and we would have bought them all if we could! We love that there is something for everyone, for the minimalist to someone who prefers louder patterns. There is a choice of two designs: the usual sack design or the slightly different version with feet for children who love to move around from the comfort of their Slumbersac. There are sizes going from age 0-10 years for the sack design, and 0-4 years for the sleeping bag with feet design. They are so soft and cosy that if they did them in adult sizes, we’d be tempted to buy one for ourselves! They have summer and winter sleeping bags as well as all-year ones. You’ll definitely find something the child in your life will love. Take a look around their website here.


Keep them warm and snug with Slumbersac
Keep them warm and snug with Slumbersac



Junior Toy Garage: All of our kids have enjoyed playing with toy cars and using their imaginations to go on adventures. Sometimes their cars need to be checked out though, and that’s where this Junior Toy Garage comes in. You can go up three levels in the working lift and then return to the ground floor using the ramp, passing the petrol pump, car wash and service station on the way. It’s brightly coloured which will attract all children and includes six cars! It will enhance their imagination and with so many different bits and pieces to discover, it’s one of those toys that they’ll relish playing with for long periods of time. Buy one from Amazon here (RRP: 31.99).


junior toy garage

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

  1. The garage looks amazing, my 3 year old daughter loves cars. im looking to get her a garage for xmas. even though im told i should be buying her a doll x

  2. My son loved his scooter until overuse meant one of the wheels fell off! He now has one with two wheels and hates it! All he wants for Christmas is a three wheeled scooter!

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