Benefits of Attending an All-Girls School

apple on books with pencils and empty blackboard - back to school

apple on books with pencils and empty blackboard - back to school


Although most students will go to school in a co-ed setting, there is a major place in education for single-gender schools. Prominent women in education, such as Elizabeth English Archer, work tirelessly to promote this type of academic setting. These type of all girls schools are designed to create a safe and nurturing space where girls are free of the normal stresses associated with co-ed schools. Whether this is something you have considered or not, here are some reasons a single-gender school may be more advantageous:


Better Test Scores

Achieving consistent test scores is necessary for girls who plan to attend a good college after graduating from high school. One of the many benefits that educators have noted as a result of a single-gender setting is better scores. Because parents who send their daughters to private schools expect good results, they are pleased when their girls have high scores on their tests. Parents feel more confident about their choice of a school when they know their daughters are on track to succeed.


No Male Bias

One problem that many girls encounter in co-ed schools is teachers showing favoritism towards boys or encountering boys who dominate the discussion in the classroom. Many girls in public schools or co-educational private schools feel shut out of the discussion in these settings. Another issue that some girls must cope with is concern over having boys tease them for speaking up. These issues that affect girls’ learning abilities are a non-issue in single-gender classroom settings.


Overcoming Expectations

Despite the modern age, many people still hold to stereotypes that expect girls to be quiet and back off from active leadership roles. Girls’ schools have a focus on making leaders out of their students. The girls are encouraged to speak up and be part of the discussion. Because they take more of a role in what is going on around them, they are better prepared for society’s demands.


Better College Skills

Because girls in single-gender settings have better academic success and leadership skills, they will have better confidence for the demands of college. They will meet all of the challenges that could face them in their career head-on. One of the things that make a difference is the fact that the girls participate in class in a setting where they know that what they think matters. The less-stressful classroom setting, combined with sports and other activities that are confidence boosters, help make a world of difference.


Many Emotional Benefits

There are also emotional benefits to girls studying in same-gender settings. It is not uncommon for girls to experience sexual harassment at some point in mixed-gender settings. Attending school with other girls helps eliminate this problem. Because there are no boys for girls to worry about harassment from or feel they need to impress, they can focus on their studies.

Going to an all-girls’ school can be a great experience during high school. Many girls who have attended these schools feel a lot happier and are more confident about further achievements. Those who haven’t considered this option for their girls may be very pleased with what they find when they look into it.







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