The importance of teddy bears

teddy bear say it with bears

teddy bear say it with bears


Soft toys are abundant in childhood. While little ones may have quite a collection of furry friends, there’s always one teddy that occupies a special place in their heart and will stick with them throughout their lives.

As a child matures into adulthood, many remain attached to their favourite and the very thought of parting with them is not worth thinking about. But why? Join us as we take a look at the importance of teddy bears…


Getting attached…

For many children, teddy bears are a security blanket. In new scenarios like starting school or visiting unknown places, the smiling face of their trusted bear instils confidence in them. In times of happiness and sadness, their teddy is a symbol of security and comfort, so it’s unsurprising that we become so attached.

Teddy bears have a similar effect on adults. While they may not be seen clutching a teddy during a job interview, many still seek comfort from their favourite bears. For example, in times of sorrow or during periods of change, we can be forgiven for sharing a cuddle with our childhood soft toys.


Teddy bears as gifts

Of course, teddy bears make great gifts too. While youngsters may populate their birthday lists with the latest character soft toys, teddies remain popular gifts for many different milestones. From a baby’s first bear to teddies in celebration of graduations, engagements, major birthdays and more, they’re often the go-to gift that’s sure to be loved.

Specialist retailers like Say It With Bears offer stuffed toys for every occasion. Far from being a straight-off-the-shelf present, personalisation services are available to add that extra special touch.


Changing perceptions

Many adults can feel judged for owning bears and sometimes hide them from others. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Teddy bears are a great way of providing comfort and make great gifts to show someone how much you care.






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