Awesome Leisure Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Harry Eddie Sid at Natural History Museum

Harry Eddie Sid at Natural History Museum


As parents, we are always looking for fresh ideas to keep the children amused. And this can often prove a hard task for a lot of parents. If you have kids, you’ll need to find leisure activities to keep them occupied and interested. But a lot of parents might struggle with this, or find themselves out of touch with what kids are interested in these days.

So, why don’t you check out my ideas and suggestions? These are all things that worked for my kids, and I can guarantee you that your children will love them as well. 


Children’s Books

These days everything is so computer-oriented, so it’s sometimes nice to remind kids about imagination. And what better way to do this than to get them some children’s books? Kids have become more interested in reading over the past decade, especially since Harry Potter exploded. So have a think about some of the most popular children’s books out there. I like to speak to other parents and see what they suggest as well.


All Things Pokémon

Pokémon is nothing short of a global phenomenon among children. And it doesn’t matter if they’re boys or girls; they all seem to love it. The franchise began as a video game and has subsequently spawned multiple other mediums. There have been movies, Pokémon cards and comic books, and many, many more. I’d say anything Pokémon related is always a safe bet when you want to keep the kids entertained.


Something Magical

There’s a lot to be said for the imagination of children. And you should try to encourage your kids to use there’s. I like to implement a ‘no technology’ day at home every so often. This is great because it encourages my girls to use their imaginations. And something I have found to help with this is to buy them something magical, like a door from The Magic Door Store. They make believe that it’s a gateway to a fairy kingdom, and this keeps them playing for hours on end!


Video Games

It’s pretty common knowledge that children enjoy playing video games. Of course, we don’t want them spending their whole time in front of a screen. But, in small doses computer games can be beneficial, and they are great at keeping children busy. I always make sure I do my research to make sure the games I choose are age appropriate. Have a look at what’s on the market, and speak to other people who have children with video games. And yes, I admit it – I am a Minecraft fan!


Family Day Out

Sometimes we all get sick of being cooped up inside the house, and the kids might be getting stir-crazy. So, when this happens, you need to think about getting out and about. A family day out could be just what the doctor ordered in this particular instance. Think about going somewhere that will impress and wow the kids. I’d suggest that something like a museum or a theme park is always a fine choice.


With 11 children still at home we certainly have our hands full on a day to day basis. But, it also means we’ve attained knowledge of the kinds of things kids like. It’s important to keep children entertained and occupied. And sometimes this can prove tricky because their tastes change. This list details some tried and tested sources of entertainment that our kids loved.







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