Winter fashion for teenage sons

Tim and most boys


Tim and most boys


“Help! Winter is approaching and I need new clothing for my teenage sons!” If this sounds like you, look no further for your guide on what you need and where you’ll find it.


On the top

For jumpers, plain is better, but slogan hoodies are still in fashion. Even better, if you’re the one making the decisions, you can ensure that nothing potentially offensive slips through the net! For many boys, tee-shirts and hoodies with designer logos on them are a sign of style, but if this doesn’t work for your budget on every item, go for logos on coats, which is an item that they’ll get a lot of use out of.


On the bottom

Preferences when it comes to jeans vary from personality to personality, but a safe bet is a mid or dark blue that fit properly. Away from jeans, Chinos are both smart and in fashion, and immediately smarten up most outfits. They can be worn with boots, trainers or smarter shoes, and you’ll find them mainly in darker colours, although there are a handful of red and green pairs out there.


On the outside

When it comes to coats and jackets, many boys will prefer a darker colour. However, if you’re concerned about keeping them visible on dark winter nights, this red jacket from Lyle and Scott is a good option that will appeal to many. If you’re looking for a safe choice of style, bomber jackets are currently popular. Many boys will shy away from coats that are overly puffy or padded, so instead, layer them up with a warm jumper underneath.


On the feet

Thankfully for parents worried about teen boys with cold feet, ankle height boots are incredibly fashionable. Some shoes already come with waterproofing, but there are also sprays you can buy to waterproof them yourself. Smart leather shoes with thin laces and a slight point can be worn for special events. Trainers are one of the few places you might get away with adding colour to your son’s outfit, so make the most of it!

On the head

Caps might be fashionable, but they’re not all that warm or comforting in the winter months! Beany hats are a very safe bet, but plump for dark colours like navy blue, army green or good old black. Pick up a 2 pack so you’ll have a spare to hand if the first gets misplaced.






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