Celebrating Roald Dahl Day with The Twits!

the twits



the twits


Roald Dahl Day is this Sunday (the 13th September) and so to celebrate we thought we’d talk about one of our favourite books by the unique author: The Twits! The Twits tells the story of a dim-witted, horrible couple who get what they deserved when Muggle-Wump (a monkey they had kept in a cage) and his family decide to take their revenge.

Everything about this book is wonderful. It’s written in a way that only Roald Dahl could achieve, meaning it’s downright hilarious in parts and slightly more serious in others. The story flows along, keeping the reader engaged until the very end – even if you’ve read it dozens of times before. Whether you are a new reader who has never read one of Dahl’s books before or a more experienced bookworm, you’ll fall in love with the story (not so much all of the characters!) and you’ll be laughing throughout the entire thing.

Roald Dahl has always been a firm favourite in our house. Our kids love the naughty antics his characters get up to, and The Twits contains a lot of this amusing behaviour that has them laughing the whole way through. We just hope they don’t get any ideas!

One thing that makes Roald Dahl such a treasured author are his memorable quotes. One of our favourites takes place towards the beginning of the book, when talking about Mrs Twit and how she became so hideous-looking:


“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it is so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it.

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”


There is a valuable life lesson to be learnt in story: always be nice. If you’re horrible, you will lead a horrible life and come to a horrible end, as shown by the Twits.

Celebrate Roald Dahl Day with us and buy a new copy of The Twits. You can choose between this stinky Scratch N’ Sniff version (RRP: £5.99) or this Hairy Beard hardback edition (RRP: £9.99)


And here is our entry for the Roald Dahl Day Crafty Twits challenge! To complete the challenge, all you have to do is design your very own beard like Mr Twit’s and share it with the world using the hashtag #RoaldDahlDay (don’t forget to tag @RoaldDahl). It can be as colourful, dirty, crazy or creative as you like, made out of whatever you want!


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My candle burns at both ends it will not last the night. But ah my foes and oh my friends it gives a lovely light. – Roald Dahl.



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