Thinking of Starting a Business? 5 Tactics to Give Startups an Accelerated Start

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hands on computer keyboard


With the opportunities the growth of the internet has brought, more and more people are deciding to set up their own business so that they can work around their families. We know ourselves that this can be achieved – even with a family as large as ours – but if you are thinking of setting up on your own, it’s always handy to be aware of a tip or two to get you going. We are often asked questions on working for ourselves so we thought we would share a little advice and know-how that we’ve picked up along the way.

To be able to develop a profitable business, one must generate a continuous supply of new leads. The process, however, is not easy. You can be involved into a lot of resource-intensive campaigns and content marketing initiatives, only to witness a very slight improvement in conversion rates.

If you are having trouble generating leads because you lack inspiration or some other reason, the following are tips to help you start on the right track:


  1. Increase your presence on social media sites.

Unless you are using it to advertise your business, social media costs you nothing and is a free promotion for your business.

A great idea is to start on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram with visual marketing to attract the attention of prospective buyers and customers. Share photos that are attractive to you auditory. These should not be just photos of your services and products, but also of corporate events, your team members and particular characteristics of your business that may look appealing to your customers.


  1. Make your signup forms easy to fill in.

People are going to reject your signup forms if they have a hard time filling in the required information. These forms must be so easy to fill in that no one should be required to correct errors after submitting the required information.

If you have a lot of required information in the forms, bring it to the bare minimum and highlight errors so that people know what must be corrected immediately.


  1. Answer Quora questions.

Promoting outside of your side is very important for establishing business presence elsewhere. According to some companies for local SEO services, answering Quora questions helps companies establish brand authority in their respective industries, and is a good tactic in addition to quest posting, for example. The process allows you to secure more subscribers and followers.


  1. Create a custom 404 page for your site.

You could be surprised to discover how many people visit your site through a 404 page for a variety of reasons such as a missing page or an outdated link. This can be transformed into an opportunity to generate more leads in a number of ways.

One way to do this is to provide a signup form for a particular offer or you could simply introduce your readers to your new product. The idea here is to transform an annoying 404 template into positive user experienc

Even redirecting people to an interesting blog post on your site could add up to that positive experience.


  1. Learn how color affects the psychology of your visitors.

The importance of color cannot be understated, especially when call-to-action buttons are concerned. The effectiveness of a button depends not only on its shape and placement, but also on its color.

You should learn the color psychology fundamentals the next time you decide to place a call-to-action button or put together an entire landing page.

It may be hard for you to come by lead generation ideas unless you like brainstorming a lot. Implementation comes second and is often both time consuming and involves a lot of effort. However, if you are determined to follow your plan to its end, you will be successful in attracting more leads to your business and increase conversion rates.







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