Keeping Your Kids’ Minds Active During The Summer

spitfire and hurricane museum kent


spitfire and hurricane museum kent


The summer holidays are over, and parents everywhere are rejoicing that the kids have gone back to school for another term. The summer months can seem like a long time because kids are always on the move and hard to please. As home educators we don’t deal with the back -to-school issues but we do have an idea or two for keeping children entertained and their minds active. Every family can pack a suitcase for a couple of weeks and cross a city off the bucket list. As nice as it is to bond and have a family holiday, we truly believe that travel provides so many opportunities for the whole family to learn while having so much fun!

Here are a few tasks I like to perform. I know it is September and the holidays are already over, but you can always do it next year or the year after!


Read A Book

Reading is the perfect alternative to letting them spend all their time watching the TV. A book is as good as any television show because the imagination is more vivid and intense. When you apply that to children, you can multiply it by ten because their imaginations are on another planet! Plus, they get to read about new concepts and learn new words in the process. By the time they go back to school, they might even have stepped up a grade or two.



When children get to a certain age, knowing how to cook will be a plus point. So, starting early is a bonus. The most important thing they learn from cooking is how to follow and interpret instructions and measure out ingredients. A few simple cooking sessions can improve a child’s mental mathematics by quite an amount.



Obviously, getting everyone out of the house is a must. But, how do you mix The Great Outdoors with learning? By doing a bit of gardening! If you find fruit trees for sale and flowers you can plant, the kids can learn a lot about what plants do and their organic qualities. Also, planting your fruit and veg encourages them to eat healthier because they will want to try it out of sheer curiosity.


Science Kit

If they do want to play a game, try and make the game educational. There are plenty to choose from, like a homemade science kit. The kids can learn about chemical reactions and have fun at the same time, which is great! Or, if they are obsessed with game consoles, you can get Brain Training for the Nintendo DS. Brain Training does exactly what it says on the tin by giving them problems they need to solve in a certain timeframe.

If you have any extra activities to add to the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear them, and so would plenty of parents who read this site!





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