The Changing Look of Music

Retro turntable with purple vinyl record, free copy space


Retro turntable with purple vinyl record, free copy space


There’s no getting away from it, music has changed dramatically over the years. My first musical idol was (if you are as old as me and can remember that far), Adam Ant. I was neither a Spandau or Duran Duran fan and had to endure the pain of Captain Sensible’s Happy Talk and Russ Abbot marvelling at the atmosphere. Have I lost many of you yet? Or are you now painfully aware of how long ago that all was?

You won’t find any of those names on this infographic from Gear4DJs¬†which takes a look at how younger stars of today have changed their style over the years. Wearing fewer clothes seems to be a common trend and one that (most of) the rest of us have chosen not to follow as we age, thankfully!


changing look of music-new








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