Top Ways To Keep Your Family Safe




In 2014, the amount of property related crimes on record reached almost six million. A worrying statistic for families, particularly those with small children. But there are things you can do to decrease the risk of an attack on your property, helping you to sleep a little better at night.


#1 Think Like A Burglar

This might sound a little unorthodox but, according to How Stuff Works, there are a number of things a person takes into consideration when it comes to breaking and entering a home. In summary, a burglar considers:


  • Finding a safe place to hide – so by ensuring your shrubbery remains at a manageable level (why not get the kids involved?), you will automatically lessen the options for a would-be thief.
  • The security – make sure you don’t leave windows open (especially at night), and invest in a quality alarm system that is visible on the outside of your property.
  • Lock weakness – if you struggle to lock your doors and windows, get it looked at straight away before a potential burglar notices.


#2 Make Breaking In As Difficult As Possible

The last thing a burglar wants is to get caught. However, with a busy lifestyle of balancing work and the children, it can be quite difficult to give the impression of a constantly occupied house. And if your neighbours also work, then all the better for a thief.

Installing security camera’s outside your property actively deters attacks against your home, especially if they are positioned at the main access points a burglar might consider utilising. These consist of first and ground floor windows, rear entrances and front doors. One simple camera cleverly positioned really could make all the difference in keeping your family and your possessions safe.


#3 Have Evidence

The reason security cameras are so effective in keeping you and your family safe is because they provide evidence in the unfortunate instance that your family do fall victim to a break-in. Finding an effective company that supplies a wide variety of domestic cameras, as well as expert advice regarding which brand could be the best option for you really could make all the difference. Companies like Taybell have a wide variety of cameras, in a whole host of styles, that promise to work effectively in keeping you and your family safe.






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