Five Unique Presents To Buy Your Dad




Father’s Day might have passed us by, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be buying a gift for your dad sometime soon. After all, Christmas isn’t as far away as you think and there is always his birthday. The problem is that dads are troublesome people to buy a present for. But, you might be overthinking it. The fact is, it’s easier than you know to find the right gift for your father.


A Happy Memory

If you are an older child, you have the chance to give your father a truly special gift, something he will never forget. The best part is that this one isn’t going to cost you any money at all. You take him to a place where you both shared a meaningful memory together in your childhood. There you can look back and see how you have both grown, together and separately. I would be amazed if a father did not enjoy this idea because all they want really is to spend time with you.


A Touch Of Class

Of course, if you want to treat your father to a gift that does cost a little cash, you could buy him a fashionable accessory. Again, it probably seems tricky to buy something that your dad would wear so my advice is this. Buy something that is plain and simple but also classy and stylish. If you think along those lines, you cannot go wrong looking at Shinola’s watches for men. These leather strapped timepieces are a brilliant present for the dad who still has a number of busy years in the office left.


A Little Of Everything

Then again, you may be completely stumped about what your dad would like. If that’s the case, it’s best to play the odds by rolling a few gifts into one. You can get a gift basket, filled with all the things that a dad may want or need. You can even get specialised ones for your specific type of father whether he is fond of the ball games or good bottles of wine.


A Day For Him

Another present you can arrange without spending any money is a day for him. Start off by making a home cooked breakfast and then ask what they would like to do for the day. You will, of course, offer to pay but don’t be surprised if they insist on taking the bill instead. This is a great present if you have come home from uni to spend your dad’s birthday with him, but you are running low on cash.


A Sporting Gift

Finally, most dads love at least one sport, whether that’s formula one, soccer, football or golf. The good thing about this is that it’s pretty easy to buy a gift related to these things. You could get tickets to the latest sporting event and take your dad there. Or, you could find some sports memorabilia merchandise online. If you look on sites like Ebay, you’ll find merchandise that you see as junk but he will view as a possession to treasure.






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