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Home renovation


Home renovation


Making a house a home is never easy when you first move in. And keeping it looking fresh and functional as your family grows is just as challenging. This time of year is a great time to tackle the decor and address those little areas that need a bit of attention. Whether you are ready to remodel the entire house, or you only have the budget for a single room, we have the ultimate guide for you.

Living rooms are the place where the family comes together. There may be fights and tears. There may be laughter and cuddles. Most of your family memories may happen in here. Lots of your family photographs might be taken in here too. When you have extended family or friends to visit, this is the room where you will all be relaxing. So make it a good one.

Start by checking out the ceiling. Over time, the whiteness of the paint will pick up dirt and discolour. If you repaint your ceiling, the light will be better reflected off it. This brightens the room up straight away. While you are up the ladder, you might also want to treat yourself to some new lighting fittings. Now LED bulbs are so much cheaper, you can even save yourself some money on the running costs.


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Your living room walls often succumb to scuffs and marks. The wear and tear of everyday life can leave the room looking tatty here. Pick a bright new colour and treat your walls to a couple of licks of paint. The skirting boards and door frames can be repainted in colour or traditional white. Now the room is looking fresh and new, you can think about changing the flooring and furniture.

If your flooring and furniture are still in good condition, then you might want to consider just changing the soft furnishings. Curtains, rugs, throws and cushions are cheap and easy to change. You can alter your entire colour palette for the room with these simple changes. Try some geometric patterns and boldly coloured swirls.

Another room that can often benefit from a little attention is the kitchen. We all pull the appliances out and clear the cupboards during spring clean. But the autumn is a good time to tackle the decor. You might not want to change the tiles or the flooring. However, the walls and ceiling are often discoloured by cooking steam. A quick lick of paint can make the world of difference.

You might also be interested in installing some kickboard lighting. This can be quite easy to do yourself. Plug-in lights connect to an available electric socket. You can then feed the small LEDs around the underneath of the cupboard units. Drill holes in the kickboards. Alternatively, buy them already done and fit your lighting. An electrician will need to install these if you wish them to be controllable at the light switch,

Next on your list might be your bathroom. Some houses have more than one. Most people would like to do something to improve one or more of their bathrooms. Perhaps they want more space, or the orientation of the facilities doesn’t work for them. One of the most desirable things to add to a bathroom is a shower. If you have a bath but no shower, you can install an over-bath shower quite easily yourself.

Start by checking the walls around and above the tub. If they are not already fully tiled, now is the time to tackle it. If you haven’t done tiling or grouting before, don’t panic. It’s not tricky. There are some easy guide videos on YouTube. When you buy your tiles, you can buy the dividers and ready-made grout at the same time. Cutting the tiles can be hit and miss, so always buy a spare pack of tiles just in case.

Take off the side panel of your tub. This should reveal the pipework for the taps. Turn off the mains. You should now be able to swap out your bath mixer. Choose a mixer that includes a shower switch. These can be bought relatively cheaply from DIY or bathroom stores. If you buy the same size tap fitting, it should be easy just to swap them out.

Put in a shower head holder, and a shower curtain. Now you’re ready for a shower. Finish your bathroom off with some fresh new tiles. Pick a vibrant colour to contrast with the tiles. You might put in two complementary shades to build up an attractive effect. A new roller blind in the same colour will complete the look.


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Bedrooms are great fun to design. Most of us don’t have the luxury of a big bedroom, but we can all change our bedding to create a new style. Bedding specialists like Home Space Direct have plenty of choice in any colour you can think of. You can often buy matching sets of curtains to go with them. A gorgeous new rug can create a touch of luxury in the bedroom too.

Build up the shape of your cushions with different shades of the same colour. You might also have a bed throw for the bottom of the bed. Have you thought about the wall art? Some people hang wall art above the bed. You might also want some hung on the wall opposite the bed. That way you can see it while you are sat up in bed. Bedside lamps can also be changed to enhance your new style.

Whichever project you choose to take on, you can have fun freshening up the space. You don’t have to do much either to create a whole new look. When you’re choosing a new colour scheme, take the time to check it against any furniture that will remain. Some woods are particularly tricky to choose good colours for.

Any makeover will help you create a lovely new room for your family to enjoy. Perhaps some of your kids can get involved with choosing colours or even painting? Enjoy your beautiful new rooms.





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