The Things No Family Home Should Be Without

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The family home is important to all of us. It’s our pride and joy, so here are the things that I think no family home should be without.


Comfort in Abundance

Comfort is an important part of every family home. Once the day is through, and you’re aching all over, you need somewhere to relax in peace and comfort. Start with the living room sofa. It’s all about striking the right balance between comfort on the one hand and style on the other.

Your bed should also be as comfortable as possible. How long is it since you changed your mattress? Old mattresses will lack the ability to support your back properly over time, and they certainly won’t feel comfortable. Making the garden more comfortable is important in the summer too. You can buy garden loungers and garden seat cushions for benches to do this.


Time-Saving Appliances

The family home, as all parents know, creates a lot of mess and grime to deal with each and every day. If you don’t have the right appliances that help you save a bit if vital time, you’ll spend half your life washing dishes and doing various other jobs. The most important appliances I’d recommend every parent invest in is a dishwasher.

That mountain of dishes piled up in the kitchen sink can be a huge challenge – and I love that we’ve now incorporated a butler’s sink into our new kitchen. Despite battled against them for quite a few years, even I had to concede that having a good dishwasher in the kitchen makes the process a whole lot easier. I know I saved a lot of time when I bought one for the first time. There are other appliances that can help you save time as well. Use as many of them as possible to make parenting easier!


A Large Bathroom

Young children obviously have to be supervised at all times when they’re in the bathroom. You have to sit with them while they splash around in the bath for example. This makes the need for a decent-sized bathroom very important. When the bathroom is too small, it can be difficult to make it functional.

If your bathroom isn’t very big, you can make it bigger by rearranging it and making the most of the space you have available to you. Alternatively, you could knock down a wall and maybe sacrifice the spare room to make the bathroom bigger, or you could also incorporate some clever storage which makes the most of available wall space, therefore freeing up valuable floor space.


Personal Touches

A family home should feel like a family actually lives there. There are a few things worse than a family home that feels sterile and lifeless. You should think of new ways to make the home feel more personal and unique to you and your family. So, what are the easiest ways to do this?

You can get together with the family and create things. Even the most simple of things such as putting drawings done by your children on the fridge door can make a lot of difference. Just think outside the box and get creative.


Organised Toy Storage

Every child amasses a huge amount of toys over the years. And, let’s be honest, we only have ourselves to blame for this. We’re the ones who buy the toys all the time, so we can’t complain too much. But you do need to have an organised toy storage system in place so that you can keep the toys under control.

There are lots of ways in which you can do this. Firstly, have a regular clear out of old toys. It doesn’t make any sense to keep hold of the toys your child has had for years and no longer plays with very often. Then, you’ll have less to store. Use every space that you have available to you when storing toys. Put them under the bed, hang nets on the back of the door and use some of them as decoration on shelves.


Somewhere to Retreat To

Being a parent is stressful, there’s no point trying to deny that. We all need somewhere to retreat to when things get a little too much to deal with. It’s not a sign of weakness to admit that you need a break from the children and the rowdiness of the family every once in a while. In fact, having somewhere to go to and relax is a good thing for the whole family.

Where this retreat is and what it looks like is completely up to you. For some people, it might be their home office or their study. For others, it might be the spare room where there’s a bookshelf and a comfortable chair. Whatever is the best way of relaxing is for you, should dictate the nature of your retreat.



Just because a home is a family home, that doesn’t mean it can’t contain touches of beauty and elegance. Stop focusing on making your home functional, and let the art add something different. It could provide the change you’ve been searching for. Searching for works of art that are perfect for you and your family can actually be a lot of fun.

You should look for pieces of art that speak to you and also fit in with the overall interior design of the home. Set a budget and then get the search underway. You don’t have to buy original pieces of art that are really expensive. You could buy art prints instead because these tend to be much cheaper options or you could even consider creating your own. 


A Central Focus in Each Room

In terms of interior design, a central focus in each room should be a priority too. Each room should have something that immediately draws your eye towards it. This helps a room to feel well-decorated and focused.

It will obviously change depending on the room, its size and your approach to its design. In the bedroom, the central focus will usually be the bed. This is what people look towards first. You can make it stand out more by using a customised embroidered headboard, or adding some unique cushions and throws to it.







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