Simple, Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom This Summer




Looking to make simple yet effective home improvements this summer? Then the bedroom is the home that you should certainly be targeting. Far too many of us underestimate the bedroom in the home, merely using it as a place to rest our weary heads after a busy day at work. However, with a little bit of extra work and a little money spent on a revamp, your bedroom can be so much more than this. Here are three steps that you can make which will help convert your bedroom from a place to rest your head to a sumptuous boudoir you’ll love to spend time in.


A Lick of Paint

Something as simple as giving the room a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference to the aesthetics of the room.

Before you begin painting, however, consider the colour pallet carefully. For instance, will there be a theme to the room, or will there be something in particular you’d like to showcase?

The colour of the room sets the tone. If you’re mainly looking for your bedroom to be a place to relax and unwind, then darker and more sumptuous tones are better, so consider a dark navy or a mulberry. If you’d like it to be more multi-purpose, a place to read and watch television, then lighter greens and natural tones are preferable. Consider it carefully, you don’t want to make a mistake.


New Bed, New Room

The centrepiece of any good bedroom is the bed. No matter whether you’re creating a palatial room or a sumptuous boudoir, the bed is mighty important both aesthetically and for a good night’s sleep.

As such, don’t ‘make do and mend’ with the bed you currently own, get a new one to really make sure your theme takes flight. Nowadays, you can even get beds cheaply online from places like Bedzrus, so there’s really no excuse.

Just choose between wood, metal and leather. Only you’ll really know what suits your theme best.


Accessorise to Create a Theme

Finally, once you’ve painted your walls and installed your lovely, lavish new bed then it’s time to accessorise. Accessorising correctly is vital to pull your entire room together and ensure that it’s on theme.

Small, personal touches are what makes a room a place that you’ll actively want to spend your time. So, consider pictures, photos and canvasses as well as little ornaments that will complete the room and ensure that your theme ties in together with the paintwork and the new bed.


There we have it, three simple tips that can help you convert your bedroom into a sumptuous boudoir… and all at very little cost. So, what’s stopping you from getting started?






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