How To Sell Your House Quickly

Real estate agent for sale sign


Real estate agent for sale sign


The decision to put your house on the market can be somewhat unsettling. You want to make sure everything is in place to get the best price possible but you don’t want to waste time either. Here are some top tips to help you get the best value from your property and a quick house sale to boot:


Deal with any potential problems now rather than later

If you have a leaking pipe, damaged walls or electrical issues, take some time to repair or replace them now instead of later. Not only can they be an eyesore but they will put buyers off at worst, or they’ll try knocking quite off the price at best. You will often find that the cost of dealing with these issues is far less than the price drop they will later ask for so it’s well worth dealing with them now rather than later.


First impressions count

How does your front door look? Does it need a fresh coat of paint or could it do with replacing altogether? Remember, the front door and garden are your potential buyers’ first impression. Don’t put them off before they’ve even set foot in the house!


Freshen it up

Whether it’s just a fresh coat of paint in the room that most needs it or a complete overhaul of the whole house, standing back and putting yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer will open your eyes to tired rooms. If they’ve seen better days spend a few days brightening them up but remember to keep it neutral. Save your flamboyant design plans for your new place!


Keep it clean

Keeping your home clean and tidy all the time isn’t easy when you have children – especially if you have more than average! Keep on top of the big jobs and you’ll only have to deal with the small ones when you get that call to see a viewer is on their way. Cut the grass, clean the windows and give dull carpets a wash and all your home will need is a quick dust and hoover!


Get rid of the clutter

Too much stuff can make a property seem busy and untidy. Donate or sell anything that you no longer use but is too good to dump and throw out anything that is no good for either. Box up and store anything you want to keep out of sight – you’re moving anyway so why not?


Make a house a home

You can’t go wrong with a vase of fresh flowers on the table or a few pretty plants strategically placed. They add life and scent to a room and give it quite a focal point too.


Do you have any tried and tested tips for selling up? Share them with us in the comments below.






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