Britain’s Favourite Soap Star: Who Gets Your Vote?






It has been years since we watched a soap. I think it wasn’t long after Dirty Den was resurrected and killed off… again. Truth be told, we don’t miss them but it seems a lot of people don’t feel the same way we do which is probably lucky for the production companies.

Great British Bingo recently ran a poll to find out who Britain’s favourite soap star is. It was odd to see a number of names we didn’t recognise and quite a few that we did despite not having watched anything for years. We recognised second place June Brown who plays Dot Cotton in EastEnders. I remember watching her in the very early days of the soap back when it first kicked off with the very jolly ‘Who killed Reg Cox?’ whodunnit. Ah, 1985! What a reminder that EastEnders was as joyous then as it was the day we stopped watching… and probably still is now!

With first place taken by Danny Dyer (who?) and third by Steve McFadden (ah yes, I remember him when he was young and had more hair), EastEnders clearly ruled the top three. In fact, it took 48.69% of the overall votes which were shared with actors from Coronation Street (32.46%), Emmerdale (15.71%) and Hollyoaks (2.62%). We were surprised to see a single vote for Downton Abbey – is that even a soap?

Are you a soap fan? If you could choose anyone past, present or future, who would it be?(Is it too late to vote for Lofty? Or what about Angie?). Who gets your vote?





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