Avoid Britain’s dodgy summer: pick a flight!

Budapest with chain bridge and parliament, Hungary


Budapest with chain bridge and parliament, Hungary


It’s here! After torrents of rain, wind and grey, grey, grey, we’re finally being treated to some sunlight here in dear old Blighty. But we all know it won’t last.

Just as you pull out your barbecue from the garage, the rain will pour. You’ll apply your suntan lotion only to see grey clouds obscuring the light. The wind will blow as the sun shines, the temperatures will fluctuate like an indecisive voter, and the rain will spit like a miscreant youth.

So it’s time to find a summer spot that’s more reliable.

Feel spontaneous? Here’s what to do! Using Edinburgh Airport as your hub, leave your car for an Edinburgh long stay in the airport, rush to your terminal and search for the perfect summer locations.

What might you find?



Sun, statues and a scintillating atmosphere – it’s all there in Barcelona.

Known as the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalan region of Spain, Barcelona is the beating heart of culture, fine dining and nightlife. Sun beats down on this tourist mecca in white hot, shivering rays, illuminating the fantastic array of things to do.

If you’re interested in architecture, there’s no better place to visit than Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. A goldmine of beautifully sculpted buildings, the Quarter is where Old Barcelona thrives.

To fill your holiday with wide-eyed wonder, search out the Magical Fountain of Montjuic. At night, its spurting streams light up in a fantastical array of colours. And it’s not the only magic this city can offer.



Hungary’s capital, Budapest provides some of the finest classical architecture in the world, all tinged with a modern touch.

It’s perfect for anyone on the hunt for relaxation. For a start to your day, head to the thermal baths – there are many dotted around the city – to clear your pores and chill in the way the population of Budapest love.

The city is also famed for myriad bars that were formerly ruined buildings. Bars like Instant and Cafe Bobek revel in their rustic surroundings, oozing cool – and a great night out.



Slovakia is in love with its capital city, Bratislava. With the River Danube running through it, you’ll waltz through the culture and fine cuisine of the city with a smile on your face.

Bratislava Castle stands on a hill, giving you the perfect view of the city below. From there, why not head to Slovak National Theatre, where you’ll be treated to shows that range from the traditional to the excitingly modern.

The city’s most popular restaurant is Paparazzi. Situated within a modernised 19th century building, it can offer you peerless Italian cuisine. The price tag is steep, but you’ll soak up the food just like the sun outside.








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