Step outside and improve the style of your house

Family holding house

Family holding house
Try this – stop reading this article for a minute, step outside and take a good, long look at your home. Drink it in like a grand painting in a gallery. Stare at the curvature of the drainpipe, the finely tuned finish of the sandstone and the tightly wrought structure of the roof.


If not, then it’s time to read on, because the perfect house is difficult to come by. Unless you’ve got enough cash to fill a swimming pool and an eye for design to match Sarah Beeny, crafting the ideal exterior for your home is a trial that could even challenge Hercules.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you going – and, if you choose the right provider, you won’t break the bank.


The ideal extension

Can you think of a better way to enjoy the sunshine than from the luxury of your very own conservatory?

A standard glass extension such as this will set you back a few thousand pounds, depending on its size, style and the flatness of the building area.

Indeed, the variety of conservatory designs means you’ll be able to pair your extension with the exact design of your home.

Choose from Gullwing, Edwardian or Victorian conservatories for styles that will match the majority of houses. The cream of the company crop will even furnish your conservatory. So all you have to do is put your feet up and enjoy the sunlight beating on your skin.


Gardens to match Versailles

So many people love the idea of having a grand garden, but few make the most of the patch of grass outside.

It’s a shame, because people with green fingers can manipulate a green space into a near-infinite combination of plants, floral arrangements, water features, focal points and barbecue areas. Theirs is a view in which a garden is more than a patch of land – it’s a world of possibility.

Try to look at your garden with new eyes. Learn how the change in seasons brings on a shift in plant life. Understand how a focal point can capture the eye. Most of these considerations don’t have to break the bank, either.


The perfect view

Your windows might seem fine to you, but are they the best you can get? Are they glazed to the highest standard, in an eco-friendly way that will maximise your light source without letting in glare?

These are important questions to ask when you’re upgrading your home. In renovation terms, windows will make or break the look of your home. So study the latest models well and make an investment.






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