Beauty: a few healthy options away

vintage antigue perfume bottles with old picture frame, on woode


vintage antigue perfume bottles with old picture frame, on woode


Is there anything more embittering than seeing beautiful people on the telly?

Long-legged Amazonian women strutting down catwalks; platinum blonde princesses on cringe-inducing soap operas; and cosmetic queens on reality television – it’s dispiriting enough to make you switch off the flicky-box altogether.

These are the types of people who look beautiful no matter what the situation. You could dress them in a bin bag and they’d still resemble goddesses. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for the rest of us.

Like all ostensible fictions, models and actors have to work hard to create the illusion of an effortless appearance.

They wake up at 6am for their morning jog, concoct power smoothies and a vapid breakfast, hit the gym then perfect their beauty routine – and ALL before they’ve even started their day job.

But average Joes and Jolenes don’t have to be quite so rigorous. Here are some ways for us busy mums to ignore the Full Metal Jacket-style routines you’ll find online and try some relaxed strategies to look great:


Mad about minerals

You’ve all witnessed people with the makeup prowess of a chimp applying lipstick. They’ll strut down the street with foundation that looks brighter than a neon oompa loompa.

Makeup abusers don’t realise one thing – by applying vast amounts of cosmetics, the pores of these people will be clogged like hair in a drainpipe.

The long-lasting effect of poor makeup consumption can be even more dramatic. Spots will develop into acne, while the grease on your skin will become ever harder to remove from our pores.

Smart cookies use mineral makeup to give them a healthy cosmetic fix. Better for your pores, the foundation will give you a lighter, less caked on look – leaving you with healthier skin for when the next round of no makeup selfies comes along.


Fantastic 15

Trying to exercise is about as much fun as a hysterectomy for some people. You’ve got five seasons of Game of Thrones to burn through – why bother with movement?

So try the easy route to fitness. Take 15 minutes out of your day and do a minimal amount of exercise.

From there, you’ll slowly build an appetite for more cardiovascular shenanigans. Add five minutes to your routine and work up a sweat. Pretty soon, you’ll have a full workout routine – and you’ll feel great.


Getting super

Superfoods are the superheroes of nutrition, packing your stomach full of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Lists of superfoods are available online, and they’re all highly recommended. Combine them with your regular diet and you’ll have a tasty way to stay healthy.








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