We Review: Digital Filmmaking for Kids for Dummies

digital filmmaking for kids


digital filmmaking for kids


Filming is one of the best ways to capture memories, but a thirty-second minute shaky video filmed on a low-quality camera phone is always disappointing. For years we’ve been interested in the filming, cutting and editing together of video clips but until recently have never been brave enough to try it.

Our kids are interested in many things, particularly different ways of being creative. Filmmaking is no exception. They love recording themselves doing a staged news show, or interviewing people on a recent day trip. The next step up from recording events is taking the best parts and turning them into something better.

As always, nothing is easy, which means in order to make something worthwhile they know to research the best way to do certain things. Digital Filmmaking for Kids for Dummies by Nick Willoughby not only tell you the best way to do things in terms of actual filming, but also storyboarding, planning documentaries, editing and more. Throughout the books are icons to point out warnings, tips, stuff you ought to remember and the more technical things that you might want to pay special attention to. It teaches that making a good video is not down to the tools you have, but the effort you put into it.

12-year-old Harry was impressed with how informative it was, saying, The Digital Filmmaking for Kids For Dummies book explains nearly everything about recording, from optimum camera/phone settings to the different characters. You also learn how to make a short movie! It teaches how to first make a storyline, then the actual filming and different angles, then editing. It covers all filming aspects.

Knowing how reliable the Dummies books are meant that we had high hopes when it came to Digital Filmmaking for Kids, and we were not disappointed. The 23 fun video projects help enforce what they had been learning, and because they enjoyed doing it so much, the kids never actually realised they were learning valuable information.

If you have a child interested in filmography, it’s definitely worth investing in a copy of Digital Filmmaking for Dummies. You can buy your own copy from Amazon here (RRP: £21.99).



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