How to Add a Little Bit of Vintage Style to Your Home

Pink baby's breath flowers in a blue jug

Pink baby's breath flowers in a blue jug


I love the idea of living in a vintage themed home. However, I don’t have the time nor the budget to create something own of Downton Abbey. Most people are worried their kids wouldn’t take too kindly to a retro abode either. It’s hardly the fresh, modern apartments they see on American TV shows… The thing is; you don’t need to go all out vintage to create that kind of vibe. There are plenty of ways you can add a little bit of retro, here and there. Even if you just want to experiment with this kind of theme, it’s a good place to start. Here’s how you can add just a little bit of vintage style to your home.



There was none of this minimalist show home thing going on in the past. When people had trinkets, they showed them off, proudly! Now, most of us have an attic filled with things passed down to us by family members. Why aren’t you showing them off? If you have anything that’s retro or antique, get it on the shelves. It’s bringing a bit of personality back to what could be quite a dull, modern room.


Roughing up the furniture

Upcycling is a big thing nowadays, but what about downcycling? Is that a thing? It is now! Instead of trying to make your furniture look more modern and chic, try to make it look older instead. There are so many ways you can rough up what you have. Instead of attempting to protect your dining table from scuffs, let them happen. Put some new vintage fabric on the chairs. Roughly sand down any wooden pieces. Give it all an older edge, that will make people think you’ve had it for years. When really, it was from IKEA last month.



This is the kind of accessory that can tie a whole theme together, with very little work. Antique clocks can bring another look to your room, without changing anything else. Imagine a big grandfather clock in the hallway! That would impress the guests. But probably scare the children. You could use old clocks to create some kind of feature on a bare wall. You could even have a little, retro alarm in the bedroom. These little touches can make such a big difference.


Mirrors and Picture Frames

These work in a similar way to the clocks. You can create a real vintage themed room, with some old mirrors and picture frames. You don’t even have to buy antiques, as these can easily be made yourself. Buy up a load of cheap frames and sand them down or paint them. You can then create a feature on the wall again like I mentioned with the clocks. This is vintage, but with a modern twist.



Finally, old trunks. These look absolutely fantastic in people’s homes, and I’ve long been eyeing one up for ours. You can buy these old trunks from plenty of interior design stores. You can also get them in antique or junk shops if you keep your eyes peeled. Use them to store away bits and bobs around the house. They look fabulous.

As I said, you don’t need to go all out vintage to recreate this theme. Just a few changes here and there should do the trick. If you really love the style, then go the whole hog. Including a retro couch and black and white TV!





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