The Best UK Cities for Families to Live

Oxford city rooftops  Arena Photo UK


Oxford city rooftops  Arena Photo UK


Have you ever considered upping and moving? Just packing everything into boxes and moving the whole family somewhere else? It’s a thought that crosses most parent’s mind, even if there is a large family to consider in the process. As we love to travel, we have experienced some wonderful places across the UK. The kind of cities you’d love to bring a child (or 10) up in. With this in mind, here are some of the best UK cities for families to live. Just in case you decided to act on that impulse.



What’s not to love about this city? It seems as though it has been designed perfectly for big families. You’re surrounded by lush greenery and countryside. Not to mention the rather impressive schools and universities. There’s an incredible vibe about this city, which makes it seem like a dream for families. The only downside to moving somewhere like here is that the prices are a little bit over the top. If you’re used to a certain cost of living, be prepared to rejig your budget when moving to Oxford.



This enchanting city is a lot like Oxford in many ways. It’s packed full of old buildings and spectacular sights. However, this isn’t just a great tourist destination. There’s a reason Bath is so popular with families. The schools around here are some of the best in the country. Plus, your kids will never be short of things to do. If you’re lucky enough to get a break, then the adults can enjoy some incredible R&R in the baths of Bath.



You’ll find that many people are in two minds about the city of London. On one hand, there are so many incredible schools and amenities. On the other, it can be pricey. Property to rent in London doesn’t need to be out of your budget, however. If you look at the various boroughs on the outskirts, you may be surprised at the prices. Your children can then get to experience the wonders of the capital, practically every weekend. It’s also good for parents who want to make their way up the career ladder.



The next two are going to all have something rather important in common. The beach, of course! Brighton has been nicknamed London by the sea countless times. It has everything a large family could want. There are great schools and universities in the area, including on the outskirts in Hove. You’re also not too far from famous Kent and its incredible schools. There are year round festivals and amusements, to keep everyone thrilled on a weekly basis. No wonder this city is so ‘up and coming’.



Okay, so technically this isn’t a city. Although they have applied for city status several times already – and, it should be one really! However, we couldn’t let a little formality exclude Bournemouth from the list. Everyone that visits here falls in love. It seems like the absolute perfect place to bring up children, too. Imagine heading down to the sandy beach everyday after school. Sold!


If you are seriously considering moving your whole family to somewhere else in the UK, then these are the places to check out. Especially if you want that bustling city atmosphere. Where would you move to, if money was no object?





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  1. We brought our nine children up near Oxford. My daughter is still there with her ten children. It is expensive but has many benefits culturally etc. They wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    We are now living in Kent – not quite the same – but we do have the sea…

    See my words at:

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