Off to uni? Follow our top tips to avoid losing a housing deposit

shape home sign in a glass jar on wooden table

shape home sign in a glass jar on wooden table


With Ben now approaching his third year of university we thought it’d be apt to help out prospective students when it comes to the nerve-wracking experience of moving out of your home and into student accommodation.

As parents, you’re probably well aware of some of the horror stories associated with student lettings. From poorly managed properties to rip-off landlords, students sometimes have to navigate through all sorts of hoops to find good property.

One of the biggest problems can be when it’s time to move out and you lose out on your initial deposit because of damages or unscrupulous landlords. Fortunately, we’ve been contacted by Lets live here, an agent in Newcastle, with a guide for students to avoid losing out.


Ensure your deposit is protected by a third party

A third party protection scheme protects you and the landlord. Any agent or landlord should have a scheme like this in place. It helps ensure that any deduction from your original deposit has to go through official channels rather than happening without your consent or approval.


Double check the inventory

When you are first shown your new flat, make a note of any issues that aren’t on the inventory. Note these down and submit them in writing to the landlord and make yourself a copy. Doing this prevents any comeback if the agent claims things are out of place when it’s time to move out.


Take photos to back up your observations

Take photographs to ensure you’ve got visible evidence of the state of the flat when you initially move in. You need to be strict with this, make sure you have every room and all of the hallways. It’s worth storing these via the cloud or make multiple copies so you don’t lose them by the time your tenancy is up.


Use a lick of paint

If the worst occurs and you stain or damage a wall, you may be able to paint over it. Take a photograph of the wall and take it to a DIY shop to see if they can colour-match. Don’t attempt complicated repairs though, it’s better to just be honest.


Protect any carpets and stainable surfaces

Keep dark liquids and red wine away from any carpets or stainable surfaces. For other areas, buy rugs or cheap sheets to cover areas at risk when throwing a party.

By the time your tenancy is up, make sure you thoroughly hoover any carpet areas and wash any soiled areas with warm soapy water or a specialist carpet cleaner.


Replace any lightbulbs

Lightbulbs, surprisingly, are your responsibility and not the landlords. Make sure you replace any broken bulbs and save yourself being charged over the odds for them.


Clean everything!

Clean everything as best you can. That means opening cupboards and cleaning them down, cleaning the hob and oven and generally trying your best to make it spotless. Even if you don’t quite manage, your effort will not go unappreciated by most agents.





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  1. An add on tip for the photo evidence is to use the date stamp function so you can’t be accused of taking the photo after the damages occurred!

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