How to customise your home

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home accessories


A house not personalised will never be a home. What truly makes a living space your humble abode is the hours you spend within it, adding furniture and decorating to get things just how you like them.

While going on a furniture spree in IKEA is a satisfying way to kit out your home, you can go one step further and truly personalise your home by following a few steps we’ve outlined below.


Fill your home with photographs

One for all the snap-happy people out there. Many people take lots of digital photos and never see them printed out. Take your SD card or device to a local photo printer and get them printed, framed and adorning your home. Photographs tell a story, raise a smile, conjure memory and create a truly personal experience.


Build your own furniture

DIY is in vogue at the moment, and you can tackle a few of your own custom projects quite easily – especially in your garden. Re-purpose an old metal bucket as a plant pot. Create a table from a wooden pallet with a hammer, nails and a bit of creativity. Check out some of these ideas over on Pinterest and remember – you’re only limited by your imagination.


Customise your wallpaper

Creating your own wallpaper is a striking, unusual way to capture your imagination on your walls. Available as from, the custom wallpaper creator lets you upload an image to be turned into wallpaper – giving you real control over your home.  Try their design tool and you could have a full cityscape adorning the wall of your kitchen – if you so desire.


Bring the outdoors in

There are hundreds of missed opportunities for personalising a home each time you go for a long walk or a trip abroad. Pick up some of the more beautiful things you see and incorporate them into your home! We’re not advocating being a hoarder – but bringing in seashells and driftwood you like the look of can create interesting features on your walls or surfaces.

Invest in lots of plants if you’re feeling low – they help oxygenate the room and force you to take responsibility for them. Watering plants can be therapeutic. Choose plants you like the look of and create a theme by matching their colours with your walls or furniture.

These are only a handful of ideas in what is an infinite well of possibilities. If your children enjoy artwork, perhaps make their drawings a focal point in a room. If you love technology, create your own little tech area. There are thousands of ways to customise a home to your needs and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination – so get creative!








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