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stone footprints in sand

stone footprints in sand


Whatever kind of holiday you’re embarking on, from a family beach trip to a solo getaway backpacking in Asia, your footwear is an important concern. No matter what kind of travelling you’re about to tackle, you need to prize comfort over anything else. Comfort is king, as it’s the last thing you want is blistered, sore and painful feet. Here are our picks for the best kinds of shoes for each type of holiday.


Best for – Relaxed beach holidays

Sandals are the ideal choice for any family going on a travel involving beaches. The open-foot design means you’ll feel cool and relaxed as you hit the sand. Just be careful when choosing your sandals – cheaply made pairs can be flimsy and fall apart after a day of walking. Try to find a pair that have a strap over your feet for extra security.

Bonus tip: If you’re taking children with you make sure you apply sun cream to their exposed feet. It’s easy to burn through sandals. Don’t forget to apply it to yourself too!


Best for – Casual backpacking

Casual travelling through a mixture of towns, cities and rural areas means one thing: you need comfortable shoes. Trainers in all their variations are ideal for casual travels. They can be worn by all the family and are acceptable in the street or even at a sit-down meal when paired with the right outfits. Skechers are a particularly travel-friendly brand, as they come in lots of designs but also put the comfort of the wearer first.

Bonus tip: Ignore the current trend of flat-soled trainers and buy ones with arch support if you’re doing lots of walking. Especially useful for children’s developing feet.


Best for – Business trips

If you’re leaving the children at home and heading abroad or to a different city for a business trip, you need shoes that will combine function and formality. I’d recommend boots, as they can be styled by both men and women in a fashionable, trendy way with formal wear. Men can wear Chelsea boots and a suit for a comfortable yet business-relevant outfit and women can match plain dress boots with a skirt and blazer.


Best for – Rugged adventures

No matter what the size of your family or the commitments you have, you may at some point free up time for a more rugged adventure. Whether this is a long-term travelling expedition or simply a jaunt around the mountains in the Lake District, you need to find footwear that matches comfort with durability.

We’d recommend a durable pair of outdoor shoes – as hiking boots can be clunky and too specialised. Leather walking shoes will provide comfort, long-lasting durability and weather protection but be lighter than boots.

Merrell produce an excellent range of walking shoes for all the family, from mum and dad all the way down to children’s shoes.






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