Why I Love The Coastal States Of America

Ocean View

Ocean View
The United States of America remains in my heart as one of the most exciting and beautiful countries to travel in. While I may have seen some of the glorious sights the rest of the world has to offer, I can’t help but feel that travelling to the US should be done soon. Each state has so much to offer whether you are travelling or enjoying a holiday. Here is what we’ve found out through researching and planning places to visit:

For a wonderful holiday on the Atlantic coast, it appears that Jersey Shore is one of the most idyllic. Ocean City has been a hive of activity lately, restoring the damage done by recent storms. Now you can enjoy what this pretty coast has to offer and stay in some of the most incredible house rentals. Look for places like http://njshore.foxroach.com/area/ocean-city to find your perfect rental accommodation.

You can enjoy the New Jersey State Fair in early August, or witness the incredible skill of glass-blowing all year round. For family fun, you can head to the beaches or to the animal parks.

If you’re looking for exciting nightlife, then each of New Jersey’s iconic cities will certainly provide you with some of the best in the area. Whether it’s Ocean City or Atlantic City, you can be entertained, wined and dined at some of the best venues the State has to offer.

Of course there is plenty more coast around the United States. Way across the country on the Pacific coast, you will find the beautiful state of California. For nine hundred miles of coastline, you really can’t beat it! The Golden State offers some incredible sights to see too.

Hilly San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge are some of Hollywood’s most used settings. But for a taste of the real thing, why not spend a day in Hollywood itself? For beautiful landscapes, head out into the Mojave Desert, or explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Florida is the southernmost State and is almost completely surrounded by water. This adds up to some fabulous beaches and some of the best weather for a vacation. While the residential population may be slightly older here, the amount of activities that can be enjoyed by even the youngest is huge. Miami offers a lot of nightlife and some great venues for lovers of the Arts. For a vacation with children, head to the home of theme parks, Orlando.

Maine is a State where things are done a little differently. It certainly feels like there is a different pace of life here. And that life feels like it focusses on the watery coast a lot! The speciality cuisines for the area include a lot of shellfish.

There are plenty of music festivals to enjoy as well as action in the water. The landscape is unique here. Find rocky formations right down in the water, and amazing man-made bridges to navigate. As a lover of blueberries, Maine is not to be missed!

Many States have a coastline, and many more are inland with their own iconic landscapes. It seems that America will always have something new to offer. After all there is so much of it! Love America and enjoy traveling here this summer.






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