5 tourist attractions in Malta

Valletta skyline

Valletta skyline


Malta is one of the Mediterranean’s premier destinations for anyone looking for a mix of relaxing beach time and an engaging cultural atmosphere. Whether you’re into floating along the coastline on a sailboat’s deck-top, walking beautiful stretches of sand, or exploring ancient cathedrals and castles, Malta has something fun available for all the family. For those thinking of booking flights to Malta, here are five great tourist attractions you’ll not want to miss.


1. Valletta

When the Knights of St John built it in the 16th century, it was decreed that Valletta would be “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”, and fortunately for visitors many of the striking features that gave the city its elegant stature remain in place today. Squeezed within less than one square kilometre of space, you’ll find the 300 year old Manoel Theatre, St Johns Cathedral, and a host of monuments, restaurants, and cafés that prompted UNESCO to describe it as “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world”.


2. Mdina

This fortified medieval city located in the Northern Region of Malta served as the island’s capital up until 1530, and the Punic remains found around the city are proof of its historic importance to Phoenician settlers. Today the city still sits within its ancient walls, which are set to be fully restored by the mid-summer of 2015.


3. The Beaches

Golden Bay, the Blue Lagoon, St Peter’s Pool, there are any number of top-rated beaches dotting the coastline of Malta that alone would make a trip to this island more than worth it. From sandy shallows and tree-backed sands to rocky coves, snorkelling and diving, if you’re after fun in the surf and sun than you’ll find all you can ask for.


4. Gozo

If you’re looking for a brief vacation from your vacation, the island of Gozo, just a half-hour ferry ride from Malta will give you a glimpse into the slow and relaxed pace of life that was once common throughout most Mediterranean Islands. With kind locals, sleepy villages, and attractions such as the Citadella and Ggantija Temples (see #5), you’ll find that a day exploring Gozo will be a holiday in itself.


5. Megalithic Temples of Malta

Dating between 3600 BC and 700 BC, the several prehistoric temples of Malta are claimed to be the oldest free-standing structures on Earth. They are spread throughout Malta and Gozo, and each one, with its own unique design, which researchers believe are an innovation in cultural evolution.They are truly an ancient wonder to explore.

So whether you’re a beach bum or the kind of holidayer who enjoys lacing up their hiking boots to explore ancient ruins, there is no doubt that you’ll find what your looking for with a holiday in Malta.








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