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Don’t let your bathroom become over run by children and family life, turn it into the perfect resort for relaxation.

After a day at the spa everyone feels calm and at peace with the world, so why not recreate your bathroom into a place you can unwind and de-stress without having to leave the comfort of your own home. With just a few simple steps you can add a spa like atmosphere into your bathroom space, without the rubber duck interrupting your next blissful bath.


Apply neutral colours

When you walk into a spa one of the many things you feel is the relaxation that overwhelms you once you step foot inside, this can often be down to the peaceful colour scheme and the minimalist design, as you’re not faced with bold bright primary colours which dominate your usual mummy days. Vibrant patterns, although good for covering up tracks of the mess makers, have the power to stimulate the brain, so try to opt for neutral calming tones. In fact minimalist design is becoming a popular modern bathroom trend for 2015, and as the saying goes “less is more”.

Create your minimalist design with a clutter free bathroom, keep your toiletries hidden in storage spaces and get rid of everything you don’t need or use, it’s only taking up valuable space. Investing in storage for all the bath time toys that children have is essential for ensuring you’re not reminded of those bedtime tears when you’re trying to relax.

The colour white symbolises cleanliness, purity and sophistication, if your bathroom is small applying a neutral colour scheme, especially the colour white, into your bathroom will help it feel much more spacious and open due to the light bouncing off the walls. However if you know that white won’t last with your little tykes, earthy hues such as mossy greens and warm mochas can still prove sensual when it comes to relaxation.



The right lighting can be key to topping off your spa theme by creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, where you can start to unwind.

Whilst you are soaking yourself light up some of your favourite scented candles that can invigorate the senses and make you reminisce of other relaxing times. If candles are a hazard you’d like to avoid, adding dimmer controls into your bathroom is a great way to soften your lighting easily.



Bring the outside in with plants and flowers as they are a great way to accessorise your bathroom, and give you a sense of grounding.  Although they have to be replaced every so often, a great alternative is to invest in artificial plants or flowers as these are just as realistic and equally as beautiful. Many people have steered clear of wood accents in the bathroom as it doesn’t mix well with humidity, but welcome the invention of faux wood as this is a beautiful element in spa décor. Popular in ‘Spathrooms’ is the use of Bamboo, this is a natural material that is often found within spa environments and can enhance the earthly atmosphere you’re attempting to recreate.



Smell is known for boosting one’s mood and health and you don’t want your bathroom smelling of musty damp towels and the children’s smelly socks!

Experiment with different kinds of incense and candles that come in variety of different fruity and fresh scents that can enhance that spa feeling and your own wellbeing, you can’t go wrong with the pure essence range from Yankee Candle to increase the aromatherapy vibe.

When you step into your bathroom, try and leave all your problems outside the door, make your bathroom your stress free sanctuary. That includes leaving your phone outside and having a little ‘me’ time.






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