20 Summer Bucket List Activities for All the Family





Summer is here and that means it’s time to get the family out and about in the sunshine – hopefully! If you are wondering how to keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays why not create a summer bucket list for the whole family to work through together during the next few weeks? Here are a few ideas to get you going:


Garden games

Put the consoles down and move away from the screens with some good old-fashioned games. Draw a hopscotch grid on the ground in chalk, set up the swingball set or even a simple frisbee can provide hours of fun.


Painting fun

If you worry about little handprints on walls and furniture make the most of hot summer days and get the paints set up outdoors. Let the kids dip their feet in trays of different coloured poster paints and then run along a length of lining paper from the DIY store. Once the artwork is completed just hose them down! They’ll love it!


Keep cool with a pool…

There is nothing quite like a refreshing dip in a paddling pool to take the heat off. Throw in some inflated balloons for bursting for a little extra fun. Of course, keep safety in mind when kids are near water and always make sure there is someone responsible to keep watch on them. And once the kids are exhausted after a day’s paddling, it’s time for parents to set up an inflatable hot tub, pour a glass of wine and congratulate themselves on achieving another tick off the bucket list.


…or challenge the kids to a waterfight!

We find when they least expect getting drenched provides the best advantage. The rules on a parent v child waterfight? There are no rules…


Build a den

Get the old bedsheets and cushions out, it’s time to build a secret den. Who didn’t love doing this one as a kid? W guarantee that your children will too!


Camp in the garden

If camping is off the agenda this summer why not set up tent in the garden instead? Don’t forget to light up the camp fire and get those marshmallows toasting for the full camping experience.


Organise a treasure hunt

This is an excellent activity that can be adapted for children of all ages. Simple clues which help them practise their reading is great for younger participants, while older children will enjoy the challenge of cracking more complex riddles and rhymes. Don’t forget the treasure at the end!


Set up a lemonade stand

Help the kids make their own lemonade then get them to create a poster advertising their product and some labels too.


Set up an assault course

Hula hoops, bean bags, wheelbarrow and sack races will have you ready for a refreshing assault course finale on a water slide! Well worth the effort, we think!


Cool down with homemade fruit lollies

Moulds are inexpensive enough but you can also use empty yoghurt pots too! Let the fruit juice mixture begin to set before you insert the stick in the centre otherwise it won’t stay straight. You could also add real fruit pieces except pineapple – they usually don’t work!


Fly a kite on the beach

Make the most of the coastal breeze and fly a kite on the beach. For an even better experience why not have a go at making your own kite?



Collect shells and pretty pebbles from coastal walks. They are always terrific additions for everything from decorative room accessories or using in craft projects.


Make a memory canvas

Talking of craft projects, put your beach finds and other summer memory souvenirs on a canvas for show.  An assortment of tickets from days out, photos, shells and pebbles will create a fun record of your summer that is a wonderful feature too.


Make a watermelon lantern

Forget Jack’o’Lanterns, summer calls for something a little different! Instead of carving up refreshing watermelons, scoop the flesh out instead. Carve into the skin as you would a pumpkin but try and create a summery picture instead. How about the sun or a beach parasol? We’ll be giving this a go soon. Let us know if you try it too!


Make your own ice-cream

No, you don’t need an ice-cream maker. Yes, we will be giving you a recipe. Look out for it next week!


Revisit your childhood

I rode a bike for this first time in more than 30 years this summer. I loved it and the kids enjoyed watching me shriek like a six-year-old – though they might have been waiting to see if I would fall off! If this is something you haven’t done for a long time, get back on your bike and give it a go. In fact, make this the summer you let your hair down and do something – anything – that you would only have done as a child. You and the kids will love it!


Plant a secret fairy garden

Turn a corner of your garden into a secret fairy garden. Add some small flowers, plants and decorative pieces to create a little haven that fairy people will love, creating a perfect spot for unwinding with a story or two. Don’t have much space? This idea works just as well with container planting too.


Go bubble mad

The children love blowing bubbles but unfortunately our living room carpet doesn’t. When the bubbles burst they leave marks all over it! Summer means unlimited bubbly fun… outdoors, of course!


Set up a waterslide…

Waterslides are inexpensive to buy but the job can be done just as well with a length of plastic sheeting. This is a perfect compromise when you don’t want a paddling pool with little ones in sight but you’d still like the kids to be able to cool off on a hot day.


…or dodge the sprinkler

A garden sprinkler is another fabulous way of keeping cool. And you thought they were boring, didn’t you?


Do you have any fun summer activities to add to the list? We would love to hear them. Share them with us in the comments below!








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2 thoughts on “20 Summer Bucket List Activities for All the Family

  1. I’d suggest, rather than a treasure hunt, taking the kids geocaching – it’s so much fun…my son begs to go now and happily walks up to 4 miles without complaint.

  2. What a fantastic bucket list, I have kept very busy this summer and for the last few weeks I really want to start turning part of my front unused garden into a fairy garden. I have some gorgeous little logs with doors in that will be part of it :D

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