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There are plenty of occasions on which you’ll need to buy gifts. One of the most important has got to be Father’s Day. This is the one day a year (aside from perhaps his birthday) where you get to show dad what he means to you. So you want your gift to be something personal and enjoyable. However, we all know dad can often be difficult to buy for. If you need some gift ideas for inspiration then here are a few.


New Razor

When you think about getting gifts for your dad, you might not consider the option of toiletries. However, you should bear in mind that he will most likely spend a lot of time shaving. It’s a good bet he’ll have an electric razor for dry shaves, and a regular razor for wet shaving. Now, it’s important to have good razors for a smooth shave. You don’t want to be cutting up your face. So, it’s possible dad could do with a new razor. Do your homework, secretly of course, and find out if he could do with a new one.



If your father is a DIY guru, there’s no doubt he’s going to have a toolkit. In fact, all dads will have a toolkit lying around the house somewhere. The more they’re used, the more susceptible they are to wear and tear. This may result in some of the tools becoming blunt or broken. So, in this instance a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea would be a new toolkit. This is something that is most certainly a gift from the heart. It’s a practical present that dad will be able to get hours of use out of.


A Bottle of Plonk!

One of the best gift ideas if you struggle with buying presents is a bottle of booze. You can’t really go wrong with this unless dad doesn’t drink of course. But if he does then a bottle of his favourite plonk is a brilliant gift to give. This is something he can consume and may last him a long time. It’s a simple and easy gift to choose, but it’s also one that shows some thought and attention. Think about what your dad likes to drink and try to get something similar.



If your dad has an office job it’s a good bet he wears a suit and tie to work every day. So, one of the best gifts you can get him is a new tie. Many offices encourage wacky ties, and they have certain days dedicated to specific ties. Find out about these days and try to get the perfect tie for the occasion. There’s no doubt dad will only have a limited number of ties, so a new addition will always be welcome. Have a think about what his personal tastes are, and try to get something that ticks the boxes.

Remember, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your dad exactly what he means to you. What better way to do this than a gift from the heart? Now, you might find dad difficult to buy for. Or you may suck at buying presents. Well, if you refer to the gift ideas from this post you should have a wealth of ideas.







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