Disney for All with Makaton and More Than Words




Four years ago our friends Paul and Hannah celebrated the birth of their daughter Gracie. Gracie was born with Bulbar Palsy and an undiagnosed genetic disorder. Paul, a policeman and Hannah (who runs her own cake making business from home), were told that Gracie would never be able to communicate, eat or walk. Whilst Gracie has proved the medics wrong on the latter two her communication has been helped immensely with Makaton sign language.

However, frustrated by the lack of support and help for the families of disabled children who are unable to communicate Paul and Hannah decided they wanted to do more to help and so the charity More Than Words was founded. Their aim is to provide help, support and affordable classes and communication aids to children and their families.

Here is their version of Disney’s A Whole New World. I hope you enjoy it.



The More Than Words website will be live with more information very soon. For now you can find out more and show your support on the More Than Words Facebook group or make a donation here. 




Photo Credit: Disney

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