You Can’t Call Your Child That! 10 Names You Can’t Give Your Baby

birth certificates

birth certificates


Naming your baby is serious business. After all, a name is usually something that they will be stuck with for the rest of their life and, unless you: i) want to make their adult life particularly hard or, ii) don’t much like your child from birth, you will probably put some thought into the name you give them.

We opted for traditional names for our children
We opted for traditional names for our children

When choosing names for our children we opted for a traditional route. We didn’t anticipate having quite so many names to come up with but once we had begun with traditional names it made sense to continue the trend. Of course, there is always the name-choosing cycle to go through first. Avoiding the names that remind you of that horrid kid in school, or the ones who always seemed to get into trouble no matter what – you know the ones. Or reminded you of someone on some TV programme from long ago that nobody really remembers any more but even so, you couldn’t stand them and that means that name is out.

Co-op has come up with a handy baby name tool which analyses names in history to tell you who is destined for greatness, wealth, power… or a leap into the dark side.

But before you make your decision here are a few baby names you might need to cross off your list right now, not just because they are daft but because they are also illegal too. That’s if you had them on your list in the first place, that is! (And if you did we have to ask, why would you?!).



No, you can’t name your child Facebook. I believe you can’t name them ‘Like’ either.



Because where there’s one, there’s the other. That’s social media for you. So no Twitter on the birth certificate either.



It doesn’t matter how much you love this chocolatey spread (and who on this great earth doesn’t, I ask you?), but no, you cannot name your child Nutella. At least not in Valenciennes in France where a judge told a couple trying to name their daughter just that. Would it have passed as acceptable if they were naming a son, perhaps?



If you live in Mexico you cannot name your child Robocop. We do not know if you are okay to use the name elsewhere in the world. If you try it, let us know.



Imagine having twins named Terminator and Robocop!



Make that triplets!



Yes, you really cannot name your child Tom because it is illegal*.



Or at least the Malaysian equivalent of it isn’t allowed. In fact, all fruit, vegetable and animal names are banned.



Harry Potter fans in Sonora, Mexico, will be disappointed to hear that naming their daughter Hermione has been outlawed.


Harry Potter

Sorry, Sonoran parents of sons. That’s out too.


Did you find choosing baby names easy? Do you prefer the more traditional or something kind of different? And have you heard of any other unusual names that were consequently banned? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


*In Portugal.








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