Interior design: perfect paints

pastel color design selection for interior

pastel color design selection for interior


If your home décor is looking a little tired, the easiest way to update it is with a lick of paint. Whether you’re touching up damaged walls or changing your colour scheme, you’ll need to follow our top tips below to achieve the perfect finish on your walls.


Choose a quality paint

Many people make the mistake of choosing a poorer quality paint to save a few pounds. However, this can deliver a far from perfect finish, as well as making more work for yourself as it will usually require multiple coats.

Selecting a quality paint from reputable retailers like Kent Blaxill will eliminate this issue.


Sand away bumps and fill in cracks

When painting directly onto your walls, you’ll want to ensure the smoothest possible surface. Use sandpaper to smooth away any imperfections and use a filler to eradicate cracks. You may need to sand away excess filler too, and make sure you leave enough time for the filler to dry before applying the paint.


Remove dust

Sanding will leave your walls a little dusty. If you’ve spotted a few pesky cobwebs and a rogue dust bunny too, it’s time to get rid of them. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove them from your walls — this will keep your brushes and rollers clean, delivering an impeccable finish.


Apply a primer

If you will be applying the paint on a bare wall, you may need to apply a primer. This will help to minimise imperfections and improve how well the paint covers. A water-based option will be best suited to this type of wall.


Start painting

Once your primer has had time to dry, you can start applying the paint. Remembering to apply tape to protect skirting boards and cornices, start painting by cutting in around the edges. You’ll find this easier if you use an angled brush.

Then, use a roller to apply the paint to the main part of the wall. Try to apply it in the shape of a ‘W’. Without lifting the roller from the wall, fill in the blank spaces. Using this application method will minimise seams appearing.

Remember to wait till the paint is completely dry before hanging pictures and furnishing the room.





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