How to Save Money on your Grocery Bill

supermarket aisle

supermarket aisle


We all love food because it is delicious. There is no better feeling than finishing your favourite meal and sitting back and relaxing, fulfilled by the plate of food you have just ravished! However, our love affair with food is not always positive. The groceries will forever be one of the most expensive outgoings for any home. And, it is not like you can stop eating, is it? But, you can cut back on your shopping bill will a few easy tips.


Shop On A Full Stomach

You don’t have to have a three-course meal before you hit the supermarket, but you do need to make sure that you are not hungry. When you are hungry, and you surround yourself with food, you will always buy more than you need. It is basic psychology and one reason you could cut ten percent off your food bill.


Understand How Supermarkets Work

In the same respect, supermarkets will try and play on your psyche to get you to spend more. For example, as soon as you start shopping you will be able to smell fresh bread. The smell of fresh bread will make you feel hungry, and as well know it will also make you spend more money. Try and understand that these tricks are just that, tricks.


Make A Budget

If you know you can’t spend more than a certain amount, you can buy food accordingly. A budget is a great way to save cash because it will always be in the back of your mind before you reach the checkout. How much is that? How much have I spent already? Have I gone over budget? It will help keep your extravagant side in check.



Downshifting has nothing to do with cars or automobiles. It is about downshifting from ‘quality’ products to the cheaper products. You are made to think that the quality products are a better standard than their cheaper alternatives, but that is not the case. The cheaper options are often not poorer quality or any better or worse than the premium brand. In reality, they are the same in everything but the price.


Shop At Certain Times Of The Day

Supermarkets will reduce the prices of food products at certain points throughout the day. If you are there when food is being reduced, you can take advantage of the drop in prices. This is a great way of stocking up on brand favourites because most supermarkets will slash the prices of all their products regardless.


Freeze Your Food

It isn’t just about the cost of food; it is also about how frugal you are once you have made the purchase. By freezing food, you can make the most out of the groceries you buy because they will last a lot longer. As a result, you won’t have to spend money every week on the shopping. Plus, if you buy ice packs for food you can keep your food chilled or even frozen and save money on your electricity bill. With ice packs, you won’t need to use your freezer as much, which is one of the most expensive appliances in the home.


Food shopping does not have to cost you a fortune every time you go to the supermarket. Just follow a few of these simple rules and you will save a fortune.






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