Remembering Pooface

Pampers 5


Pampers 5


I am sure every parent would agree that getting to know your new baby is an amazing experience to go through. Who hasn’t sat and watched their newborn for what seems like hours as they sleep, feed or during those odd wakeful moments?

Watching their little expressions change as they dream, often with little sighs of contentment or perhaps the odd whimper here and there is something to be savoured. But let’s not sugar-coat this parenting lark too much; there’s also the other side.

You know the one.

The poofaces.

Yes, those.

Babies take it very seriously indeed, focusing intently and concentrating hard on the task in hand. One of our children was a classic example of a serious pooface. Not only did his face redden, but once mobile he would also get into position on all fours in order to… um… help move things along, I guess. That’s fine if you’re at home surrounded by family who know the quirks and all, but when you’re trying to dine at a restaurant and the moment has arrived there’s nothing quite like a toddler who hasn’t yet learnt the art of subtlety and has disappeared under the tablecloth to get you a stare or two.

Some things you just never forget.

So yes, poofaces. Pampers have founded up an adorable collection of them which you can enjoy because you don’t have the full package surprise to clean up after. But if you do, at least you’ll always have Pampers Wipes available to help.

In fact, in a new study conducted by Pampers, of 1,000 UK parents surveyed, 9 out of 10 admit they can’t leave the house without a pack of Wipes, revealing the extent of their dependence on the quick-fix clean-up remedy. The report also sheds light on what baby mess situations parents fear the most – with nappy mess topping the list for half of parents, closely followed by the 4 in 10 parents who fear baby food mess the most. In honour of this research, Pampers has unveiled it’s award-winning #Pamperspooface video featuring adorable red cheeks, intense stares, and double chins that will have the memories flooding back in.



Visit or search #Pamperspooface on Twitter for more information.





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