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eKAVACH is a distinctive mobile parental control application for parents which deals with widespread digital safety of our digital natives and offers appropriate parental guidance over a child’s activities across different digital platforms.

Certus Technologies India, is offering this mobile electronic shield  eKAVACH ( Kavach in Indian language means a shield ) to parents to safeguard their children from being target to online threats like cyber bullying, online grooming, inappropriate web content and other forms of online security risks.

As we all know that technology is moving at a lightning pace and is sure to transform our lives continuously. New devices, wide range of smart phones, websites and applications and apps are coming to market every day. Children are becoming tech savvy in an initial age and spending a large amount of time in this online world. With advent of children getting on to the online world there are risks and threats like cyberbullying, online grooming , pornography ,online predators are looming around us. Many such challenges can arise when it comes to Digital Parenting. It’s not surprising that parents feel overawed at times, trying to cope with such situations

With eKAVACH digital parenting application, now parents can be assured to monitor screen time and facilitate content filtering and safe search for their kids on their devices ,  manage internet safety and provide safe browser experience for the children.

eKAVACH offers deep indulgences about the behaviour and happenings of children while they are online and on the move, which can support parents to make more informed parenting decisions about their children.




Family Time Menu-Screenshot_1There are 2 apps for this service – a parent app to be loaded on the parent mobile phone and a child app to be loaded on the child smart device.

One of the most useful feature of eKAVACH is Safe browsing, content filtering and safe search for major browsers . This feature precludes unwanted exposure to inappropriate content such as pornography, sex by setting auto age-appropriate web category filter for children.  We have provided the parents flexibility so that they can define custom filters based on their child’s requirement.

Other features like  managing screen time of your children reduces internet addiction of the kids.

eKAVACH provides real time alerts to parents anytime anywhere to assist in proactive parenting.

There is facility to view graphical representation of the trends and activities child is following on a daily and weekly basis.

You can analyse your child’s inclination and interest to help him in their day to day life.

With eKAVACH you can get the geolocation of the child by device heartbeat. As we are aware of the fact that communication with children is key to success for positive parenting.  Child application of eKAVACH  allows kids to send regular messages to parents for conversations with them any time of the day.

Parents should remember: giving children recommendations is more healthy way to up bring a child rather than enforcing constraints. Encouraging dialogues between you and your children will lead to a more beneficial parent and child relationship this will help parents monitor their children with less conflict. So talk to them…



For more details, please visit www.yourekavach.com

Download the FREE apps today

Parent app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourekavach.parent&hl=en

Child app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourekavach.child







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