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Getting sick can be very expensive, in more ways than one. Medical bills are a good way to land yourself in a sizeable amount of debt, so the best thing is to stay fit and well. Unfortunately, these things don’t always go in our favour, but there are stills ways to cut costs when we do end up needing a doctor.

When things are good, they’re great, and it’s all too easy to take our good health for granted. Life has a way of changing its mind in a heartbeat, though and before you know it you’re reaching for your doctor’s phone number.


Get it checked early

If you do begin to experience symptoms or you pick up an injury, get it fixed while it is still small. Ignoring something carries the risk of the problem getting worse, and landing you with a huge medical bill. For instance, if you get hit in the head playing football, and you have blurred vision for days after, call someone like Dr Kennedy and see what the problem is. Chances are it’s nothing, but get it checked before it gets worse.


If you don’t need the appointment then don’t make it

Lots of insurance companies will happily charge you large fees just for office visits, and some of these just aren’t required. For example, if you develop a skin complaint, call your GP (general practitioner) and ask for a referral. If, for whatever reason, you are sure it is a bacterial infection then call your doctor for a prescription.

Be aware, that a visit to the office instead could cost you. If it turns out to be a few minutes of form filling, then you just wasted a lot of money on nothing. In the case of this happening, ask the doctor if he will waive the visit fee. You never know, it’s been known to happen.


Make use of quick care clinics

The rush of these clinics, staffed nurses, has worked wonders for helping to free up emergency rooms. Minor problems don’t need a hospital visit, so consider a quick care clinic if the problem is a minor one. Low costs, agreeable hours and effective treatment make these places ideal for those that need minor attention.

You should check with your insurer first, though, as some may not cover you.


Buy generic drugs not branded

You might already be aware that store brands are an excellent way to save and lower costs. When it comes to drugs though many of us pause before buying cheaper versions. What many fail to realise though is that both brand and generic are held to the same high standards. They are just as effective as the other one.

They work the same way too, having the same active ingredients. If you can buy generic, do so. Very often, the only difference is the prices.


Learn the art of negotiation

Of the best-pieced anyone can give you, when it comes to lowering medical bills, ask. Many hospitals and doctor’s offices only collect a small percentage of their asking prices. It is because of this that bills are so high a lot of the time. To recoup lost money, they will inflate the prices.

To avoid the risk of getting nothing at all, they will, a lot of the time, be willing to take something off your bill. The only potential issue with this is that you must be prepared to pay the full amount if it comes to it. Many doctors have been known to reduce bills by 25% though, so it is always worth asking.

If you are told no, speak to a supervisor, More often than not, they will offer some sort of deal.

Finances are tight everywhere these days, so it makes sense to try and save money where you can. Hopefully, these tips will make sure that your medical bills are another source of savings.





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