Perfecting your decking for summer

BBQ cooker and cookware ready to cook

BBQ cooker and cookware ready to cook


It’s official — barbeque season is upon us! If your garden is looking far from perfect, it’s time to slip on your gloves, grab the lawnmower and get to work.

In the handy guide below, we’ll show you how to get your decking ready for entertaining.


Timber or composite?

Before you start, you’ll need to identify what type of decking you have. Timber decking is extremely popular and requires regular maintenance, such as sanding and painting.

Composite decking, available from retailers like Arbordeck, is crafted from a mixture of wood and plastic. It requires minimal upkeep as the boards are tougher and more hardwearing than standard wood decking.

If you do have composite decking, you should only complete step one — that should be enough to get it looking good as new!


Step 1: Clean it up

To remove any loose debris, mildew and moss, thoroughly scrub your decking with a stiff bristled brush and soapy water. Decking cleaner can also be used, although you should check that it’s suitable for your decking before you apply.

Once you’ve completed this initial clean, leave it to stand before using a hose to rinse away the debris.


Step 2: Apply a restorer

If you’re planning on applying a stain or varnish to your decking, you may need to apply a restorer to help level the colouring.

Use a firm brush to apply the restorer, working it into the surface of the wood. Leave it to stand and use clean water to rinse away all remnants.


Step 3: Apply a stain or protector

To protect your decking from adverse weather, you should apply a specialist protector, stain or oil. Unlike a wood stain, a decking protector is the best choice if you want to maintain the original colour of the boards. Similarly, an oil will subtly enhance the natural hue of the wood.

Whichever you apply, ensure they are fully dry before placing furniture, plants and other items onto the decking.







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