Keep Your Family Warm This Winter

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The winter months can be harsh. Sometimes you just don’t get lucky with a mild season. It can be bitterly cold. Not to mention the weather can turn treacherous. So how do you keep yourself and your family warm?


Wrap Up

A simple answer. When in doubt, layer up. Keeping a few fleeces and coats around is always a good idea. You can wear one under the other if you prefer. Just make sure you’re suitably warm and dry.


Dress For The Occasion

When it’s looking like rain, wear something waterproof with a hood. If it looks windy, wear a hat that covers your ears. It should also stop the heat escaping from the top of your head.

If it’s snowing, wear high boots and thick socks. Remember to wear a set of gloves too. If you’re just going out and about some woolen gloves should suffice. If you’re out to shovel some snow or play around in it with your kids, wear insulated waterproof gloves.

If none of the above applies and it’s just bitterly cold, get a surplus military parka.


Heat Your Home

A central heating system should take care of things. Make sure it has time to warm up to an appropriate level, and you’ll be fine.

If you don’t have a central heating system, there are alternatives.

If you have a working fireplace and chimney, get some firewood and light it up. Remember to get a fireguard though if you have children.

Space heaters are also a good way to heat a room up. They might not be able to warm every corner, but they’ll do the job if placed nearby.


No More Draughts

If you’re heating your home but notice the temperature struggling to stay comfortable, you could have a draught. Check for any given place in a room or the entire house where it feels cold. That should point you to the problem.

Windows can be the source of many draughts. This may be due to slight gaps between the frame and the brickwork. It could just be too much heat is escaping through the pane. Double glazing can help with this problem.

It could be that the draught is coming from cracks under doors. A few draught excluders can do the job. If you’re on a tight budget, a thick sweater or coat laid in front of the draught should do roughly the same job.

If heat dissipation persists, it could indicate an insulation problem. If your home is particularly old, it may not have attic or wall insulation that is up to current standards. It may not have insulation at all in some cases.


Warm From The Inside

If all else fails, turn to your kitchen. Hot food and drink can heat your insides enough to raise your body temperature. The kids might not be so keen on a hot cup of coffee, but they can’t say no to a hearty soup.

With any luck, the winter should be short. At least now you know what to do if it persists.







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