5 summer BBQ essentials





With the summer finally here and the warm weather around the corner, there’s no better time to throw a family barbeque. Ensure your event goes without a hitch and take a look at our five summer barbeque essentials below.

  • Jugs

Playing host is never easy and making sure everyone’s cups are filled can be stressful. However, investing in large plastic jugs can take away some of the pressure.

Simply stack them with ice, fill them with your favourite fruit juices or summer cocktails and allow guests to help themselves. To keep the bugs at bay, choose jugs with lids!

  • Games

Letting the kids play football, rugby and other ball games is a recipe for a disaster at a barbeque. Your guests will spend the entire duration dodging stray shots!

Instead, keep the little ones entertained with a selection of tamer outdoor games. From old classics like giant bowling to swingball, they’ll have hours of fun.

  • Hot sauce

If the British weather ends up being a little cooler than you’d hoped, heat things up with some hot sauce. A chilli relish or spicy ketchup will add a kick to any classic burger, but why stop there?

Included in the range of unusual gifts at Hawkin’s Bazaar is a selection of seriously hot sauces. From the Ass Blaster to the Zombie Eyeball Elixir, see how much heat your guests can handle as they sample them. They’re entertainment and condiments in one!

  • Music

As the sausages sizzle, it’s nice to have some background music. Streaming services like Spotify are great, as you can access thousands of songs for free. Whether you’re catering to Beliebers or rock fans, you can find the perfect mix for your event.

  • Sun cream

Okay, so it might not be the most exciting item on our list, but sun cream is an absolute must. Many of us are ignorant to the harm the sun’s rays can do, leaving us pained and pink at the end of a day in the garden, beach or park.

Choose a lotion with a decent SPF factor to ensure the safety of your friends and family and remember to reapply throughout the day.










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