Budget Breaking Ideas To Keep Your Family Happy

Piggy bank in vice

Piggy bank in vice


There are many advantages to having a big family. Someone is always on your side. You will always have a person to turn to if you need help. It will improve a child’s social skills and encourage sharing and compassion. However, one disadvantage is can be the cost but having a large family need not mean going without. Here are some great ways to cut the costs:


Look out for bargains

You need to keep a watchful eye in supermarkets and stores. There will always deals on food and other needed items you just have to look for them. You can now use websites to compares shops for the best prices on each item. This is a great way to save some of those pennies. You should also consider switching brands when one of your favourites is expensive. They all taste virtually the same. We can not taste the difference between Kelloggs cornflakes and Tescos own. If you can then all we can say is you have better taste buds then us.


A Classic: Hand Me Downs

We don’t believe in buying new clothes just for the sake of it. Buying good quality clothes in the sales means that they will often last for two or maybe more children and nobody in our family thinks twice about receiving a still great condition item that an older sibling has passed down. You can easily adjust clothes sizes if you know the needed skills. Consider looking at a sewing site like www.grandmalikestosew.com. This will help you understand the basics and find out what you may need to buy.


Get Quality At Affordable Prices

A thirteen-year-old needs a mobile phone these days, but the best ones are often ridiculously overpriced. However, you can find second-hand products at affordable prices on sites like Amazon and Ebay. These are still quality items and often the latest tech, but the cost is slashed. Also, teach kids to work out whether a bargain really is a bargain. If your sought after gadget has all the bells and whistles but you won’t use or don’t know what many of them are, is it really going to be a worthwhile buy or can you do with a model which has the functions that you will use which will save you money in the process?


Reward Your Kids

This is a brilliant way to save money and teach your children how to live right. Here is how. Set up a chore board and encourage your children to do one chore a day, related to the years. So, the oldest son can wash the car. The youngest daughter can dust a room. Pay them for helping you out, only a small amount but of course it will build. Time is money. If your kids do the chores, you will have the time for more paid work. Your children will also learn how to do a hard days work and make a living at an early age, rather than rely on help from others.

We have many more money saving tips to share, but these are just a few to get you started. If you have anywhere near as many children as I do, you are going to need them!



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