Family Game Night for 10+?




You may remember playing family board games growing up as a kid, but when you have a large family it can be hard to find a game that can accommodate everyone. Sure, you could split the family up by age and play different games, but is there a game that everyone can play together?

One of the best indoor games for large groups is bingo. As long as your child can recognize two-digit numbers, they can play this easy and fun game. In case you’ve forgotten how to play bingo, here’s how it works. Players have a card in front of them with numbers on it. One person randomly draws numbers out of a container and announces it. The players look to see if they have that number. If they do, then they cover it. Once the player has covered enough squares to make a straight line of five, they call out bingo! If the numbers are correct, they win.

There are lots of different bingo games. You can try covering the entire card, or try to make patterns like a diamond or an airplane. You can also make up math bingo cards. Math bingo uses simple math problems instead of numbers. Players have to solve the math problem and then mark the right number. Often the cards will have the same number multiple times. Players have a choice of which one to select, adding an element of strategy to the game.

You may need to make special cards for younger players who may not be able to do two-digit math problems. There are several sites online that can teach you how to build a math bingo set. Just google “math bingo.” You can also get a math bingo app and study it for suggestions. There are several good ones for smartphone tablets.

Another source for card games for many players is Pagat. This is an index of card games and variations from the familiar to the very strange. Check out their list of card games by player number at Cards are another good way to teach kids how to count, make sets, and play games with good manners.

If you’re stuck at home with your family on a rainy day, why not bring out your card sets or bingo cards and try playing a few rounds of something fun? It’s a good wholesome way to pass the time, and everyone can get involved!








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