7 Ways to Revamp a Room in a Weekend

Pink roses in small vases


Pink roses in small vases


When you have a large family time is often limited enough without adding in all those extra jobs that need doing – like re-decorating for example.

I find that I get fed up looking at the same old tired room but that block of time needed to tackle it just doesn’t seem to come about. Life is just too busy!

Here are seven quick and easy ways to give your room a makeover in a weekend at most:


Create a wall of art

Hang a collection of photographs or prints in a range of frames to create an eclectic art wall. Alternatively, consider one larger painting or show off your prized art collection instead. Either will draw the eye to the room’s new focal point.


Rearrange the furniture

Fun and free to do, rearranging the furniture can give the room an entirely new look all by itself. Try out different layouts, move items around, remove something you don’t really use any more or add an item from another room. The possibilities are endless.


Change the floor

Replacing your old floor can transform a room completely. Carpets are great if you want something warm under foot but if kids and pets are part of the family you might prefer to opt for hardwood or Karndean vinyl flooring instead. With such a range on the market to choose from there is a style to suit every taste.


Change the accessories

Replacing your existing accessories can change the look of a room completely. Swap a current modern theme for vintage or just go for a colour change instead.


Decorate one wall

Yes, that’s right. If the rest of the room is in relatively good decorative order but you just fancy a change, painting or papering an accent wall is an inexpensive quick and easy way to create a new focal point.


Change the colour scheme

If you have neutral walls and floors you can create a host of different looks by simply changing the accompanying colour scheme. Replacing curtains and sofa covers is simple and fast to do and will give your room an entirely new look in no time.


Give in to nature

Adding plants and flowers to a room is a wonderful way to breathe life into a room. Healthy and aesthetic, not only is the art of flower arranging good for the soul, but you have to admit that nothing quite brightens up a room like a vase full of brightly coloured blooms!


Do you have any quick room revamp tips to share? We’d love to hear them.








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