Would you quit your job if you hit the jackpot?

smart mouse in maze looking for cheese


smart mouse in maze looking for cheese


I feel very fortunate to no longer have a boss to worry about. Working for yourself is not always easy – the hours are longer, it’s difficult to switch off and it’s often hard to stop the fine line between work and relaxation blurring. Despite that, I don’t think I would ever quit doing what I do even if I hit the jackpot. I enjoy it, it keeps me busy and keeps my brain working.

A recent survey by Lottosend asked 1000 people if they would quit their jobs if they won the lottery. Here are the results and I found them quite surprising:



Yes 53%

No 47%



Yes 53.3%

No 46.7%



Yes 52.8%

No 47.2%



Yes 37.4%

No 62.6%



Yes 45.6%

No 54.4%



Yes 56.4%

No 43.6%



Yes 59.3%

No 40.7%



Yes 70.5%

No 29.5%



Yes 52.7%

No 47.3%



Yes 54.3%

No 45.7%



Yes 57.6%

No 42.4%


Northern Ireland

Yes 59%

No 41%


Overall it seems that the split is pretty even, with 53% of people claiming they would continue with their jobs even if they won the lottery. It also seems that the younger the age group, the less likely they would be to quit.

What about you? Would you quit your job?







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